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Packaging Sweet Treats For The Holidays

There is no better way to share the holiday spirit than with a delicious sweet treat. Whether it’s a gift basket filled to the brim with candy, a beautifully baked bread loaf, or a box of yummy cookies – the best presents are the tastiest ones.

The downside about creating baked goods and delivering them like a wonderful Christmas elf is the possibility of spoiling or breaking these beautiful treats. There’s no need to worry. After many years of cookie packaging trial and error (aka. we’ve broken a lot of cookies). We’ve compiled a few foolproof tips that will ensure your baked goods stay intact.

Let us show you how its done with a few simple sweet treat packaging tips.


Before Anything Else, Food-Safe Cello Bags & Tissue!

We recommend putting your sweets in food-safe bags that are FDA and USDA compliant. This ensures your items to stay as fresh and as safe from harmful bacteria as possible. Food safe bags are typically made of non-toxic materials meant to protect their contents.

Luckily, we have food safe bags available in a variety of options! A couple of our favorite cello bags for sweet treat packaging include Christmas Patterned Cello Bags and Cone Shaped “Cello” Polypropylene Bags.

Another excellent food-safe option for larger items and containers is food-safe tissue. Simply wrap your treats in this lining, add your cushion, box it up and deliver! Food safe tissue provides a protective barrier between your container and your treats.

Sweet & Sticky Treats Look Great In…

Sugary candy confections are best packaged in food-safe cello bags and finished with a ribbon. They help keep the contents of your gift basket separate and ensure protection from any open-air bacteria.


Next, Give Your Treats A Cushion.

Every gift needs a little bit of a cushion to keep its contents comfy, safe and stabilized. Without a cushion, treats will sink to the bottom of your gift box (or basket) and get lost in the holiday shuffle! You worked too hard on these goodies for us to let that happen to you.

For our holiday sweet treats, we like to use soft and springy Crinkle Cut that dazzles in iridescent or metallic mixed finishes.

When you’re wrapping up holiday bread…

Because they’re larger, you want to make sure your bread foundation is flat and well supported. For extra lift and protection, layer your cushion on the base of your gift box. Then layer your wrapped bread. Fill any extra space with your cushion, cover your box, and finish with a ribbon!


Don’t Forget The Container!

Once you’ve decided on the contents of your gift, it’s time to start thinking about the type of container you want to use. There are many different options from individual tins and giveaway gable boxes, to larger and more elaborate gift boxes and bags.

When we think about packaging our sweet treats, we think about the type of gift first. If our treats are just an add-on or accent to a larger gift, we’ll use a larger box, embellished tray, or gift basket to hold our all of our items. For when sweet treats are the main gift, then we’ll package them in something that fits the treats themselves like a bucket or small tote.

If you’re packaging cookies…

Cookies travel well in smaller, more compact containers with ample food-safe cushioning like tins, buckets, or gable boxes. The smaller shape and cushion protects the cookies and makes individual gift giving easy! 


Finally, Put A Bow On It!

Gifts simply aren’t finished without a ribbon detail. We love finishing our gifts with a festive holiday ribbon tied into a beautiful bow. If we’re going big and bold, we’ll use wide, wired ribbon. If we’re thinking simple and sweet (just like our treats!) we’ll stick with something understated, maybe a little bit narrow, and patterned.

Are you a holiday-packaging-pro and want to show us how you pack up your presents? Do it using the social tag #mypapermart. If you loved these tips and want to see more, stay tuned. We’re looking forward to making more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses!


  1. Shiloh Morast December 2, 2018

    I own a old fashioned candy store in Beulah, North Dakota and am looking at wholesale prices from your company. Thank you very much.

    Shiloh Morast
    Owner of Then & Now Candy Store
    P.O. Box 502
    113 Central Ave S
    Beulah, ND 58523

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