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How to Make a Tulle Wreath

Whether it’s for a popular holiday like Christmas, Halloween, or 4th of July, a tulle wreath is a great way to add a festive look to your home. They are also perfect decorations for outdoor weddings. You can customize your wreath even more by adding trinkets or small ornaments. Here is a quick tutorial on making a tulle wreath for any occasion.
  • 12″ foam wreath
  • 6″ tulle spools (your choice of colors)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 ½” ribbon
  • Trinket/ornament (optional)
  • 3/8″ ribbon to hang trinket/ornament (optional)
1. Cut a piece of the ribbon and create a loop around the foam wreath. Hot glue the ends of the ribbon to each other.
2. For added stability, hot glue the bottom and sides of the loop to the foam wreath. This loop is what you will use to hang your wreath.
3. Cut a piece of tulle that is 22″ in length. You may want to cut a bunch of them at once to save time.
4. Take one piece of the tulle and fold it in half.
5. Place it over the foam wreath so that the ends face the center.
6. Bring the ends under, slip them into the loop and pull through.
7. Pull tightly and arrange.
8. Then choose another color of tulle and repeat the process until the entire foam is covered. Alternate between the colors or create your own pattern.
 Tulle_wreath_step8-1 Tulle_wreath_step8-2
9. Hang your trinket or ornament at the top of the wreath with a small piece of ribbon. Tulle_wreath_step9
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