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How to Make Floral Baskets

Flower arranging isn’t just for the professionals. You can make beautiful floral baskets at home with a few supplies. If you have a garden at home, flower baskets are a great way to spruce up and decorate your home throughout the year. It’s your chance to show off those lovely flowers that were grown right in your own backyard! They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family. Instead of bringing over a bottle of wine for the hosts at a dinner party, you can simply create a gorgeous floral basket for them. For those of you that want to try your luck at making your own floral basket, read below.


  • Basket
  • Tupperware container
  • Plastic shopping bag
  • Floral foams
  • Green curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Flowers with stems
  • Leaves on branches


  1. Place the floral foam blocks in water for a few minutes to soak.
  2. While the foam is soaking up water, take the Tupperware container and line the inside with the plastic bag.
  3. Now place the Tupperware container inside your basket.
  4. Place the floral foam blocks inside the basket (within the Tupperware container).
  5. Cut the foam blocks so that that each one stands a bit taller than the height of the basket.
  6. Use the green curling ribbon to tie down the foam blocks to the basket. This will prevent the floral arrangement from moving around.
  7. Take each flower and cut the end of the stem diagonally.
  8. Stick the stem into the foam block. Arrange the flowers so that they are spread throughout the basket in a symmetrically fashion.
  9. Next, take your leaves and cut the end of the main branch diagonally.
  10. Stick the branches of leaves throughout the basket so that they cover up all empty spaces. Try to make the basket look as full as possible.

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