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Celebrating National Donut Day With Specialty Donut Packaging

Whether you’re celebrating National Donut Day solo or bringing a box of freshly frosted donuts back for a group, we’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite donut packaging options, plus a few easy-to-remember pastry packaging tricks.


Single Donut Packaging Idea: Color Coded Flavors

When you’re looking to give individual donuts as a gift or party favor, don’t hold back on your packaging. Make sure each donut is wrapped and stored with as much care as when it was decorated. When you want to avoid flavor confusion, color code!


We like to use the different color options of these round-window boxes to indicate flavors. Any donuts with a matte kraft lid are either plain and simple cake donuts while those with sprinkles have a soft pink top. This makes the process of identifying donut flavors quick and easy.

Packaging Tip: To personalize your single pastry packages even further, think about a custom label. Custom labels are a great way to add the perfect finishing touch to any package.


Donuts For A Group: The Classic Pink Donut Box & Others

On the West Coast, there is no better brand recognition than the classic, one-piece pink donut box. It is synonymous with deliciously frosted fried donuts, sprinkles, and all around joy. If you’re looking to package homemade donuts, consider going classic with your own pink pastry box.

If you want to upgrade the donut experience with a different packaging option, think about these two-piece kraft donut boxes. Their flat matte surface is great for labeling, stamping, or writing.

FYI: For more sweet packaging tips and ideas check out our Packaging Sweet Treats post here!


What’s your favorite sweet treat flavor? We’re fans of a sweet and simple sugar glaze (but we wouldn’t turn down a pretty rainbow sprinkle!). Did you love this super-simple DIY? Stay tuned! We’ll be making more all year long, so keep watching for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!


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  2. adriana martinez July 19, 2019

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    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart July 29, 2019

      Hola Adriana! Gracias por preguntar. Nos encantaría ayudarlo con una cotización. Llámenos al 800.745.8800, ext. 224.

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