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How to Pack Fragile Items To Ship in the Mail

There are going to be numerous times in life when one is forced to ship something a little risky to send. Whether that’s an antique heirloom or a gift for an extra special occasion, packing fragile items in a way that will guarantee they don’t shatter, chip, or even break during their transit journey can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking task. Especially if you’re preparing for a move of some sort, the likelihood of needing to pack items that you hope can stay intact is much higher. Luckily, learning how to pack fragile items in a way that ensures their ultimate safety upon arrival can help you feel rest assured that the recipient will be receiving these breakables all in one piece.

 In this article, we’ll explore how to pack fragile items, as well as the best packing material for fragile items to help you feel rest assured your fragile shipment is ultimately a success. 

how to pack fragile items to ship in the mail

How to Pack Fragile Items

So what exactly makes an item deemed “fragile”? Fragile items are typically considered products or fixtures that would likely break during transit without any preventative packing procedures. This can include glass items of any kind, dishware, porcelain, technological accessories, musical instruments, or even simply valuable collectibles that you wish to preserve at all costs. Regardless of what fragile item you need to pack, there are key steps to successfully knowing how to pack fragile items that can keep any valuable goods in their intended state. 

Step 1 – Gather necessary materials to pack fragile items safely

First things first, gather the suggested supplies in order to pack the fragile piece. The materials needed for this task will be largely based on what specific items need to be packed. Naturally, an antique lamp will need different packing supplies than a comic book collection. Regardless of what you’re intending to ship, some of the most popular packaging products that can help fortify a fragile shipment include:

  1. Crinkle Paper
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Cardboard Sheets
  4. Shipping Containers
  5. Padded Envelopes
  6. Mailing Tubes
  7. Packing Tape
  8. Fragile Label

Step 2 – Wrap/Package the fragile items

After properly gathering the needed packaging supplies for this task, it’s time to individually prepare the fragile item. The ultimate goal of successfully packaging a fragile item is to shock-proof the piece in order to prevent any bumps during the transit process from affecting the contents of the package. Bubble wrap is great for providing a barrier against shock and abrasion, so wrap the fragile item in a sufficient level of bubble wrap to begin. For lightweight items, opt for smaller air bubbles in the wrapping and for heavier items don’t be afraid to grab bubble wrap with larger air bubbles. Once the item has been sufficiently covered in bubble wrap, seal it down using packing tape. Make sure that if you’re shipping multiple fragile items that each is individually wrapped to avoid the contents of the package smashing together and getting damaged that way. 

If you’re shipping artwork, posters, or important documents, it’s suggested to grab a few mailing tubes to store them inside. Mailing tubes’ extra sturdy chipboard helps with avoiding crumpling, bending, or unwanted ripping along the way. If you’re mailing especially small items, a bubble-padded mailer can very well go the trick, as their inner packaging is durable and especially ideal for flat, fragile items. 

Step 3 – Place your item in a travel safe box and fill in any remaining space with packing cushioning

After individually preparing each fragile piece, it’s time to prepare the travel container for shipping. Opting for a strong corrugated box with triple-thick sidewalls provides additional support and security for the package. Top-tuck mailing boxes are available in countless colors and are simple to assemble, which makes them perfect for moving or for packing presents within. Once the box has been assembled, it never hurts to provide another layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box to provide the fragile items a bit more protection. 

After properly preparing and placing items in the box, fill any remaining space with packing cushioning. Crinkle paper is an environmentally conscious choice and the flexible nature of the paper makes it great for filling in empty spaces for uniquely shaped items. If you’re packaging a few different items in the same shipping box and are worried that the items may crash against each other, cardboard sheets can provide extra stability and are great for packing comic books or artwork that needs to be stored upright. 

Step 4 – Seal the box with the necessary items for shipping 

Once the items have been properly wrapped and placed inside the box with the loose-fill, give the box a gentle shake to see if items move around. Are items shifting around still? They likely will during the transit process so feel free to add more cushioning until the package passes the shake test. After items are firmly secured, seal the package with packing tape and head over to the local post office. Before slapping a shipping label on this and sending it on its way it’s crucial to also indicate that the package is fragile with a fragile sticker in order to guarantee shipping personnel is properly handling the parcel during its journey. 

Find the Shipping Supplies You Need to Pack Fragile Items at Paper Mart

By learning how to pack fragile items in a way that properly protects them is a helpful task to know, whether for a future move or for sending fragile items to loved ones or customers. By gathering the correct materials ahead of time and taking extra care to individually wrap each specific piece as needed you’ll be assured that nothing shipping will be harmed during its transit process. Packing fragile items can go from an uneasy task to a simple one in a matter of moments as long as you know the proper ways to package these items in a way that guarantees their success. 

Paper Mart has the supplies you need in learning how to ship fragile items efficiently. From packing cushioning to the boxes the contents go inside, Paper Mart’s extensive portfolio of packing supplies and shipping materials won’t disappoint. Explore Paper Mart’s selection today to gather reputable and durable materials for sending the most fragile items.

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