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How to Package and Ship Picture Frames

A picture can tell a thousand words, but a shattered picture frame only screams one: accident. Sending a picture frame to a loved one is a great way to show you care, but knowing how to ship a picture frame correctly is the only way to ensure the sentiment is received as intended. Luckily, shipping picture frames is fairly straightforward with the correct materials and proper preparation. Whether the frame is a fairly large art piece or you’re sending a small picture frame for a loved one’s nightstand, having a proper packaging plan is the best way to make sure the frame arrives the way you want it to arrive. 

In this article, we’ll explore how to ship a picture frame with glass, how to pack picture frames for shipping, as well as what materials are needed to successfully ship picture frames. With Paper Mart’s helpful guide, loved ones will get their hands on cherished photos professionally and successfully regardless of the shipping distance.

picture frame next to a shipping box

How to Pack Picture Frames for Shipping

Shipping picture frames might seem overwhelming, especially if you’re sending particularly rare art or a sentimental photo. No one wants shattered glass harming any of their belongings, and knowing how to ship a frame helps ensure everything arrives as desired. Here is a step-by-step guide for shipping picture frames! 

Step 1: Gather Supplies for Shipping Picture Frames

When learning how to ship picture frames, it’s all about gathering the appropriate supplies to pack the frames effectively. Picture frames are inherently fragile, so naturally, you’ll need a few cushioning supplies to prevent shattering during transit. It’s also suggested to grab a few fragile stickers to make sure the package is handled appropriately. Some of the suggested supplies you’ll need to ship a picture frame include: 

Step 2: Package the Picture Frames

Once you’ve gathered all the suggested supplies for shipping picture frames, it’s time to begin the process! When learning how to ship a picture frame with glass, you have to consider the worst-case scenario: glass breaking. Adding artist tape to the glass (not the frame itself) prevents any shattered glass from getting all of the artwork or photos. Make sure to cover the glass in this tape, then completely wrap it in thick packing paper, taping it closed when finished. Finally, wrap the frame in two layers of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is the best protection against any bumps and bruises that may occur during the transit process.

Step 3: Place the Frame in a Travel Safe Box and Fill in Space with Packing Cushioning

Once the picture frame has been properly cushioned, check that the shipping container is an appropriate size for the frame. You’ll want to choose a box slightly larger than the frame to ensure the frame won’t move around too much in transit. Before placing the picture frame inside the box, line the box with an additional layer of bubble wrap. Next, place the picture frame at the center of the shipping box. If there is a lot of space left in the box, fill it with additional bubble wrap or air cushioning. The frame shouldn’t move around if the box is given a gentle shake.

Step 4: Seal the Box with the Necessary Items for Shipping

Once the frame has been placed inside the box and properly padded, it’s time to seal the shipping container with packing tape. Another suggestion would be to add a few fragile stickers to the shipping box to ensure shipping personnel won’t cause any damage to the package. A few extra shipping details can literally make or break your chances at shipping picture frames successfully. You might be wondering how much it costs to ship a picture frame. The price to ship a picture frame is highly dependent on the side of the frame, but usually, no expedited shipping options are needed.

Find the Picture Frames Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart!

Shipping picture frames might seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those that need to ship an expensive art piece or cherished family photo that won’t be harmed. Luckily, with the correct materials and efficient packing methods, knowing how to pack picture frames for shipping becomes simple. Shipping picture frames correctly is all about gathering quality materials for protecting the frame and Paper Mart can help! 

Paper Mart is proud of the expansive selection of packaging and shipping supplies needed to ship just about anything. Whether you’re learning how to ship a picture frame or you’re shipping an edible arrangement, Paper Mart has what you need to package and ship your items professionally and efficiently. 

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