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Easy Halloween Party Decor: Packing Tape Ghost Limbs

Do you feel that chill in the air? Is it a spooky Halloween ghost or is it a Pinterest-happy crafter on a mission? We’ll never tell! This year, we’re sharing one of our favorite eerie Halloween crafts, our very own packing tape ghost sculptures!

packing tape ghost

Beautiful to look at and super easy to make. This easy wrap and tape method is the perfect DIY ghost decoration. Let us show you how it’s done!

DIY Halloween Ghost Decoration

Below, we’re using our hand to illustrate the simple wrap-and-tape method behind a realistic packing tape sculpture. With this technique, you can wrap and tape your other limbs to create a full body, ghost sculpture. The possibilities are endless!

packing tape ghost

Here’s What You’ll Need To Make These Realistic Packing Tape Hands

How To Make Your Own Floating Ghost Limbs

1.) What you’ll need to do first is wrap your hand completely with plastic food wrap. To get full coverage, feel free to bend, twist, or layer the flexible saran wrap onto your limb. 

Remember: While going through this step, do not wrap too tightly. You want to be able to wriggle out of your ghost limb easily.

2.) After wrapping your hand with saran wrap, start to create a mold base using your tape. Taking pieces of clear tape, press firmly against the plastic portion of your hand. Repeat until the entire plastic portion of your hand is completely covered. For a sturdier mold, add up to 3 layers of tape.

3.) To finish, wriggle out of your ghost hand! If you’re not able to easily remove the mold from your hand, use scissors to carefully cut a slit through the mold. Once your mold is off, apply another layer of tape to make sure your ghost hand is sturdy.

packing tape ghost

How are you decorating for the Halloween season? Don’t hesitate to show us using our #mypapermart tag. We are always in awe of you and your creations! Did you love this simple how-to? Were you interested in more simple, Halloween crafts? Stay tuned for more. We’re looking forward to helping you upgrade your decorations this holiday season with more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses.

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