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How to Package & Ship Bath Bombs in 4 Steps!

Is there a present that you can give that will ever top the gift of self care? It’s important to always remember to take time out of our schedule for some much needed rest and relaxation. This is why gifting others with spa and relaxation products is such a great idea. Bath bombs are a popular self-care gift, essentially a ticket to a rejuvenating bath time experience that we all deserve every now and then. Coming in countless scents with mesmerizing colors and effects once plopped in water, bath bombs are as fun as they are functional, making them an amazing gift idea. But what about for loved ones far away?

shipping bath bombs

Bath bombs can easily be mailed to bathtime aficionado near and far, but do require some TLC when getting them ready for shipping. Bath bombs are designed to eventually crumble and burst inside the bath, but that’s not what you’re wanting to happen inside of a box on the way to your loved one. In order to avoid premature breakage and chipping, it’s important to learn the steps behind how to ship bath bombs successfully. Explore our helpful guide for shipping bath bombs to create a great gift and avoid any bubbles being burst in the future. 

How to Ship Bath Bombs

With just a little preparation, shipping bath bombs doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Let’s explore each step of mastering how to ship bath bombs so you can get everything you need to package and ship these bathtime treats in a tasteful and appreciated way. 

Step 1. Gather materials needed for shipping bath bombs 

After you’ve chosen the bath bombs you trust will be favored by your loved ones, it’s time to prepare the materials needed to ship bath bombs. Make sure to gather all needed supplies before you start packaging to avoid any last-minutes jogs to the store to grab something missed. Some of our suggested materials for shipping bath bombs include:

With the proper shipping materials such as shrink bags and packing foam, shipping bath bombs becomes a breeze. The materials you gather will be mainly determined by which method you choose for wrapping your bath bombs. For those looking for eco-friendly shipping supplies, no worries, we’ll touch on that soon! 

Step 2. Shrink wrap or box your bath bombs

There are two main methods for packaging bath bombs that lead to success: the shrink wrap method and the packing method. Within the bath bomb community there are praises for each method, and the best one will be determined by the type of bath bomb you’re sending. Fragile bath bombs that begin to flake with the slightest touch will benefit from the shrink wrap method, while more sturdy and durable bath bombs can be shipped efficiently using packing materials. It helps to ensure that the bath bombs chosen are all similar in nature to avoid having to get an excessive amount of packing materials, but both methods will have overlapping supplies.

The Shrink Wrap Method

If you find that your bath bombs are more prone to breakage, getting some shrink bags is a great idea. While you can choose whether you not you want a sealer for the task, shrink-wrapping each bath bomb inside a shrink bag or self-sealing of your choosing will help keep them out of contact with other contents of the box. Bubble out bags are great for providing each bath bomb with it’s own pillow for protection from any outside elements. After placing and sealing bath bombs inside the bags, feel free to wrap them in additional bubble wrap as an extra protective measure. 

The Packing Method

If you have a sturdy and durable bath bomb, it’s always a possibility to simply package them up and send them along their way. That being said, you’ll still need a few materials to make sure that they arrive safe and don’t transform during transit. For these types of bath bombs, you can bubble wrap each and place them inside a bubble mailer with some loose fill, but if you want to elevate the presentation you may want to still go for a colorful box for your loved one to open. 

Step 3. Protect & pad your bath bombs for shipping

Once each bath bomb has been individually wrapped, it’s time to place them inside the larger shipping container and add further protection. The main goal of shipping bath bombs is to avoid moisture and avoid breakage, so this additional packaging will always be an important step. Line the bottom of the shipping box in bubble wrap and place the bath bombs inside. Once inside, fill any and all open space with packing foam and loose fill to secure bath bombs in place. 

After you’ve placed the bath bombs inside the shipping box, secure the box with packing tape so that no air will be able to get inside. Before getting wild with the packing tape, give the box a gentle shake and listen. If you can hear the bath bombs shaking inside, your parcel could benefit from some additional padding. If all you hear is sweet silence, this relaxing gift is good to go. 

Step 4. Ship your bath bombs

Once your shipping box is taped up and all bath bombs are secured inside, it’s time to head to your nearest postal office. While bath bombs don’t necessarily expire, it’s still important to consider the best shipping options for this type of gift. Especially if you’re shipping bath bombs to a warmer climate, it’s important to make sure that too much humidity or heat doesn’t negatively affect products. A general rule of thumb is that bath bombs will never break with cold temperatures, but can crumble in the heat. Adding cold packs to the packaging within is never a horrible idea as long as they are separated from the bath bombs.

It’s also highly suggested to indicate that the parcel is fragile in order to prevent shipping personnel from tossing and throwing the package during transit. Especially if the box is stacked underneath potentially heavier shipments, this is bad news. In order to ensure your gift is enjoyed and intact quickly, choose expedited shipping options to send this gift on its way. 

Best Way to Ship Bath Bombs for Eco-Friendly Packaging

One of the best parts of choosing bath bombs as a gift idea is that they are a waste-free product that’s relaxing and eco-friendly. Wanting to package bath bombs in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way is only natural, so here are some helpful tips for how to do so. Some of the materials we suggest grabbing before beginning include: 

The process for shipping bath bombs using these eco-friendly supplies and shipping with the other materials we’ve covered is basically the same. The main goal will still be for each bath bomb to be tightly wrapped to prevent any unwanted contact with moisture and padded enough to prevent any potential chipping or breaking during transit. The only difference in this method is that you will use air sleeves, an alternative to shrink bags, and will provide additional padding with the sustainably produced Spiro pack fill.

As you can see, it’s easy to ship bath bombs in an environmentally friendly way. In efforts to recycle and implement sustainable packaging efforts, there has been an increase in eco-friendly packaging materials available. Since you need a few different materials for shipping bath bombs, it’s always a great idea to substitute some eco-friendly supply options wherever possible. 

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Sending your friends and family bath bombs is a simple and thoughtful way to show that you care and that you want your loved ones to take some time to relax and unwind. The variety of options and rejuvenating experience of bath time is a considerate way to get creative during the holidays or special occasions. Learning how to ship bath bombs is an important step in sending them in a professional way you know loved ones will enjoy. Sending these luxurious bath bombs to friends near or far will take your gift-giving game to the next level.
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