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100 Years Of Paper Mart: As Told Through The Team

This month we’re looking back and remembering how the Paper Mart story began and how we’ve grown throughout the years. From our humble beginnings of G.A. and Emma Frick to the extremely talented and highly skilled team we have today. We are honored that so many of our team have chosen to work alongside us throughout the years. 

Recently, we connected with a few of our longtime Paper Mart team members and asked them to share bits of their Paper Mart story. We asked what inspired them, the role that they’ve grown into with Paper Mart, and (of course!) what their favorite Paper Mart products are. We’ve got the scoop here. Check it out!

Getting To Know Our 20+ Year Team Members

For those who don’t already know you and your role with Paper Mart, could you give us a short summary?

Paper Mart team member sitting in their office, smiling at their desk

Margaret H. (41 years): Project Manager, Operations. I enjoy working with so many uplifting Paper Mart employees.

Paper Mart team member smiling in front of their computer screens

Jo Anne S. (35 years): Product Specialist. Problem solving and helping our Customer Care reps and customers.

Paper Mart team member sitting and smiling in front of their computer and phone

Becky H. (35 years): My official title is Web Entry. I take care of the comments that the customers write on their orders and distribute them to the correct department so they can be processed and ready to wave.

Paper Mart Delivery Driver smiling in front of their truck

Robert G. (31 years): I am a Paper Mart Delivery Driver. I love being out on a route and meeting our customers.

Paper Mart team member smiling and sitting in their office chair

Mimi R. (29 years): I manage the day-to-day operations of the Paper Mart Accounting department.

Paper Mart team member smiling in front of their computer

Martha M. (29 years): Call Center Manager. I enjoy my job and the people I work with.

Paper Mart team member sitting and smiling at their desk

Elva L. (25 years): Accounting/Credit/Collections. I enjoy working with our customers, even though collecting is tough, I manage to always have a great relationship with all of our customers.

Norma J. (24 years): Account Development Specialist, Lead. My job here at Paper Mart consists of managing and growing our larger clientele. I guess you can say I wear many hats here as I also assist with taking sales and customer service calls as well as freights.

paper mart team member smiling in front of their work station

Jim H. (23 years): Lead Warehouse / Will Call. I have worked different departments in the warehouse but get the most enjoyment in will call. Never a dull moment and you get to meet, greet, and help a variety of customers.

paper mart team member smiling at their desk

David L. (23 years): Vice President of Network Services and I’ve been here 23 years.

Dennis M. (22 years): I’m a transportation specialist (Paper Mart Delivery Driver). I go out and deliver our products to our customers. I love to interact with our customers and see all the different types of products they order and how they use what we bring them.

Mona V. (22 years): A credit specialist. I work on reports for outbound shipments, and assist Accounting on credits, refunds, and reports. I love the people I work with and the environment I work in so that I can accomplish my job. We all put something in the bucket daily to make our customers happy.

Everyday Inspiration & Motivations

What would you say inspires you to come into work?

Knowing I can help with getting our customers what they need in a timely manner so that they are able to do their job

Becky H., Web Entry, 35 years

Dave: What inspires me to come to Paper Mart are the different challenges – especially working in IT and growing Paper Mart from where it was 23 years ago. It’s constantly changing, constantly evolving. It’s pretty interesting! You never know what you’re going to get day-to-day.

Mimi: I suppose it’s the challenge, not every day, month or year is the same at Paper Mart, I have seen many changes in the last 29 years. Some good, some not so good. But one thing is for sure, it continues to grow and evolve and I love being a part of that. In the end I hope to be making a positive contribution to the growth of the company.

Do you have any fun hobbies that you would like to share? What do you do to relax and unwind?

Norma: I am a grandmother of three beautiful grandkids. I enjoy spending as much time as possible with them. My daughters are my best friends and they keep me busy. I love the beach and enjoy hiking. To unwind I like to drink a cup of hot coffee and curl up on the couch.

three paper mart team members smiling together

Elva: I love to read and write. The reading takes me places, and the writing relaxes me. I also love to walk. I walk every day at my lunch time and when possible I take walks on the beach. I also enjoy hiking, I love nature!

Margaret: I have a hard time stopping and unwinding! I enjoy gardening and it is never done – my garden area is never big enough. My sewing projects are expanding this year too, to add another challenge for myself. I also LOVE cooking with my daughter. To me, they’re memories that honor both my parents that also LOVED to cook for the family.

five paper mart team members smiling together outside the offices

Jim: Well I have been married for 39 years, have 3 children who are doing very well, and I’m blessed with 6 grandchildren that I adore. Now about my hobbies, I can go on and on, but I am a BIG board game fan. I am a BIG NERD and collect comics and action figures like Star Wars Lego and action figures, McFarland Spawn figures, and Funko POPS . I also try to attend conventions when possible.

Thoughts About Packaging Supplies

Alright so, you know our products inside and out. What would you say are your favorite Paper Mart products and why?

I like Paper Mart’s ribbons. They’re probably my favorite thing to purchase. Ribbons always add beauty to whatever you’re wrapping.

Mona V., Credit Specialist, 22 years

Norma: My favorite Paper Mart product has to be the Pom Pom Pull Bows. I use them throughout the year.

Jim: My wife loves the quality of the 24″ x 100′ Christmas gift wrapping rolls. For me its the bubble wrap. It’s perfect for protecting my collectibles!

Jo Anne: So many good things! But I love the tulle fabrics for their versatility, ease of use, and beautiful end result.

Elva: This is a hard question because there are a lot of items that I like. One of my favorites is the matte colored euro totes, I don’t like wrapping gifts, so bags are my favorite!

Mimi: I favor the euro tote gift bags, they are the perfect way to elegantly and easily wrap a gift.

Becky: My favorite products are the gift bags and tissue paper. I cannot wrap very well and if ever I meet the person who invented the gift bag, I would gratefully shake their hand.

Kraft handle bags – I can add my own personal touch to create a unique gift bag.

Martha M., Call Center Manager, 29 years
paper handled gift bag with striped tissue paper flat lay surrounded by confetti bows

Margaret: Well, the tin can product line was my favorite, but recently the mesh product line is top of my list.

Dennis: My wife likes the retail products – the bows, ribbons, and bags.

FYI: Wondering where to find these expert-approved packaging supplies? We’ve got you covered. Check out our Team Favorites selection – the bows, gift bags, and ribbons our team loves.

What The Team Means To Paper Mart

As a 4th generation owned and operated family business, we love each and every one of our team members. The hard work and dedication that they bring to the table is valued and appreciated. Interested in joining the Paper Mart team? Click here to visit our careers page.


  1. MOTHER EVELYN BOLTON August 27, 2021

    “Congratulations”, Paper Mart on “100” year anniversary not many companies can say they have been around that long, I believe I read this is the 4th generation of family members that is running the company. If this is true that is awesome, amazing, wonderful, beautiful and one of God’s greatest gifts of all a miracle.
    Mother Bolton

  2. MOTHER EVELYN BOLTON August 27, 2021

    “Congratulations”, to all your long-timers and faithful members of Paper Mart. Please stay safe and healthy, we need you all. God bless you and all of your families.
    Love you with the love of “Jesus”!!!

  3. CHERYL FEOLA August 20, 2021

    Paper Mart always has something that I need and they always comes through with a great product. One thing that we (as a family) needed was toilet paper during the Covid-19 pandemic. Paper Mart was the only source that came through for us! YAYAAA! Also, I make cookies and give them as gifts or take them to functions. Paper Mart has the perfect individual COOKIE bags ever. The COOKIE bags are the biggest hit at functions and as gifts! Keep up the Great work Paper Mart!!
    Congratulations 0n your 100 Years! That is a BIG Accomplishment!

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