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Looking Back At 100 Years: The Paper Mart Journey

This has been 100 years in the making, but it’s finally happened! Our birthday month is here and we’re happy to reflect on where Paper Mart has been, the team that has helped bring us there, and the celebrations that will ensue. Let’s jump into it! 

a side-by-side image of one of the original Paper Mart buildings next to the current building

The Growth Of The Paper Mart Family

Paper Mart began in 1921 as California Towel & Linen Supply, family owned and operated, based out of a small, Los Angeles garage. G.A. Frick served as both salesman and delivery man while his wife Emma handled the bookkeeping. Unfortunately the climate in the 1920s was tumultuous and we faced many challenges as a company and as a country, narrowly surviving both the Great Depression and World War II.

Throughout it all, we kept our focus clear and offered quality products that served the needs of our local, Los Angeles businesses. We even expanded our product offerings to consumables like paper towels, janitorial, and shipping supplies. During this time, second generation son Robert Frick assumed leadership and we became known as, Frick Paper Co.

a side-by-side photo of G.A. and Emma Frick next to the current Frick Family

With dreams to grow the company even further, third generation son, John Frick adjusted our business model to a regional discount mail order catalog business. This was a game changing business decision and Paper Mart made its mark.

John Frick was later joined by his brother Tom Frick and under their leadership, we grew our reach even further and took on the world wide web in 1995 as one of the first companies to add images to text, a decision which was novel and innovative. 

As we embark onto the next 100 years, under the leadership and guidance of fourth generation daughter, Buffy Frick Simoni, we continue to build upon the Paper Mart legacy of providing quality products at an affordable price.

The Dedication & Support Of The Paper Mart Team

As we have grown as a company, we’ve had the honor of working alongside a wonderful team of talented individuals, some whose careers have surpassed even 20+ years. 

We took a little time to chat with them and figure out what has inspired them throughout their years at Paper Mart. Here are a few highlights!

The friendly family environment is why I chose to make a home with Paper Mart for 20+ years!

Martha Martinez, 29 Years, Call Center Manager
The Paper Mart Team

I have so many Paper Mart memories! I have made great friends working here.

Karla Rizo-Morris, 17 Years, Sr. Buyer
The Paper Mart Team

I work with a lot of great people and friends.

Dennis Murphy, 22 Years, Paper Mart Delivery Service Driver

100 Year Birthday Festivities: Swag, Upcoming Promos, & More

For our birthday, we’ve got a lot in store for you. We’re taking you on a treasure hunt, going digital with our annual Parking Lot Sale, revisiting old favorites, throwing a DIY contest, giving away swag, and putting together 100 items for $1 to celebrate 100 years!

Ready to party? Here’s what we’ve got planned:

  • 100 Year SMS Treasure Hunt | For one week only, you’ve got the chance to earn exclusive discounts buried throughout our website. Simply sign up for our SMS text alerts and text TREASURE to start your journey! 
  • Our Annual Parking Lot Sale | We’re going digital with our parking lot sale! Usually open to locals in Southern California, we’re now offering our specially marked down items for a limited time, online. 
  • Showcasing The Classics | All month long, we’re paying homage to the product lines you love – boxes, bags, ribbons, and more! Sign up for our email newsletter to see the showcase!
  • 100 Items for $1 Sale | To celebrate 100 years, we’ve put together a series of 100 items and marked them down to $1.00. Availability is limited so shop early.  
  • 100 Year PM Tote Craft Challenge | We want to see you get creative and put your own unique touch on our Paper Mart Canvas Tote. Best Overall and Most Creative designs will win up to $200!

For more birthday news and promotions, stay tuned to your email and social media accounts where we will be announcing these throughout the month! To stay up to date on all Paper Mart news and events follow us on social media (@PaperMart), sign up for our email list, and stay tuned to this blog.

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    Happy Birthday. Gotta love Helen. John

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