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Celebrating 96 Years & Looking Beyond: Recent Paper Mart Product Additions

Founded in 1921, Paper Mart has constantly innovated and changed in its tenured history. From becoming a custodial supply company in 1946 to becoming a mail order catalog business in 1964, and finally entering the world of online marketing in 1995 Paper Mart has been changing with the ever evolving demands and needs of its customers. Here are some examples of recent Paper Mart product additions.


Paper Mart Milestones


Paper Mart Product Additions: Customized Packaging

Realizing that the packaging needs of business are changing with the rise of the internet, Paper Mart created its custom packaging program. Some companies need regular cardboard boxes while others need specialized packaging with printed logos. These customers range from eBay and Etsy sellers to medium and large sized companies. Indeed, each and every one of these customers have varying needs. 

The Custom Packaging Program allows customers to specify the size, type, and print of the packaging. Customers and business have the option to choose the right packaging to go with their product line. 


Making Custom ConvenientPaper Mart Milestones

Another one of Paper Mart product additions was making its online packaging Design Studio. Conveniently, the Design Studio helps customers create a mock-up design right on the website. It features an easy to use interface that specifies the size and type of packaging and allows customers to upload a PDF or EPS file for the logo or artwork. If required, they also have the ability to use stock photography and artwork. Once they finalize the design a Paper Mart employee contacts them back with a quote. Check it out here for more information 


Packaging and Labels Go Hand in Hand

The success of the Custom Packaging Program led the way to Custom Labels. Naturally, supplying custom labels made good business sense. Firstly, Paper Mart gives its customers the ability to upload their artwork through the Custom Label website. From there they can choose the type of paper to use, what shape, and the quantity they require. Finally, a friendly Paper Mart employee will quote the customer. It is an easy process and makes it a one stop shop for packaging supplies.


Paper Mart MilestonesHow Do You Fit a Round Product in a Square box?

In 2015, Paper Mart introduces a new line of packaging products made out of wood. Moreover, natural materials are a growing trend and the company thought it would be a great addition to its line-up. These products range from the standard plank wooden boxes to bent woods that have rounded shapes.

In any case, the trend of using wood as a material seems to be continuing well into the future. With the addition of rounded shaped or bent wood boxes, this adds even more possibilities to packaging ideas. For instance, wine boxes have been traditionally square in design. Presently, Paper Mart carries a cylindrical bentwood box that showcases a round wine bottle beautifully. Wood gets steamed then bent to form a round shape. The button string latches the box and also adds a sophisticated design. Moreover, wood packaging makes sense for wine bottles since most wine is aged in wooden barrels. This is just one example of the wood packaging products the company carries.  Click over here to see more.


Paper Mart Takes Loyalty Up a Notch

In the same year, Paper Mart launched its Insiders Loyalty Program. Having a loyalty program to reward our customers was one of the more important Paper Mart product additions to achieve. This gives customers rebates based on their purchase volume. It’s easy to sign up and any one is welcome to join.  

There are three tiers to this program, which are Insider, Elite, and VIP. There are spending tiers to qualify.

Insider – spending $500 to $4,999 each quarter qualifies you for a $25 coupon and a free gift.

Elite – spending $5,000 -$9,999 each quarter qualifies for a $50 coupon and a free gift.

VIP – spending $10,000 or more each quarter qualifies for a $100 coupon and a free gift.

Conveniently, the system automatically tracks your orders.  Just keep using the same email address to place your order. Paper Mart then sends you the corresponding rebate via email at the end of each quarter.


Paper Mart MilestonesNew Additions This Year

Paper Mart sees growing trends in kraft packaging materials, as well as, cake and pie boxes. Incidentally, kraft material seems to always be associated with brown paper. In reality, it has a number of variations and applications. For instance, there are Kraft Wire Handle Boxes which can be used as take-out boxes. In the same way, various colors are available like these Colored Tint Kraft Shopping Bags which make great packaging or shopping bags. Amazingly, they even come in print.

In the food industry, Kraft has a lot of applications.  There is the Kraft Stackable Deli Box, hot cups, and even individual slice pizza boxes. Cake and pie boxes were newly added this year and can be found here.


Still Thinking About Food

Food is always in style. This year Paper Mart put stand-up food pouches in its catalog. These are great for small snack items like peanuts, chips, etc. They are heat sealable to protect the product from gas, moisture, and odor. Check out the packages here.


Future Paper Mart Product Additions: Looking Beyond 2017

Paper Mart is helping businesses succeed with their packaging, storage, and office supply requirements. By the same token, the company also supplies individuals like hobbyists, self-employed creators, and eBay and Etsy sellers with products they need to be successful. As a matter of fact, Paper Mart is known for being one-stop shop to meet the changing and growing demands of its very diverse customers. Programs like its Custom Packaging and Design Studio helps business large or small with getting their packaging and labels done in one place saving time and money.  To conclude, continuing the trend of innovation and change is what this company will be doing well into the future. 



  1. Martha Seyler August 15, 2017

    Nice to learn the history of your company, didn’t realize it was a family owned business at the start, or that you have a woman pres. Thanks!

    • Emily at Paper Mart August 15, 2017

      Hi Martha! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this blog. We are glad to hear that it shared something new! πŸ™‚

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