A Peek Behind The Scenes: The Paper Mart Canvas Tote

We’re so excited to share the story behind our 100 year anniversary design. Read on to learn about this illustration and the artist behind the masterpiece, Emily Chen!

Paper Mart's 100 Year Anniversary Tote with gift boxes, bags, and ribbons inside

Illustrating The Paper Mart Story

Since 1921, we’ve proudly been your source for high-quality, affordable packaging supplies. We have grown from a small, Los Angeles garage to the largest discount packaging supply company in the United States with 250+ employees and 26,000+ items in stock. It’s only natural that when encapsulating our story, we showcased the products and product lines that have helped us grow. 

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time lapse of the Paper Mart 100 Year Anniversary Tote design

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The Artist & Their Process 

Paper Mart Program Manager, Emily Chen

We’re happy to introduce our very own, Marketing Program Manager, Emily Chen. Throughout the years, Emily has established herself within the company as a bonafide powerhouse who never ceases to amaze us.

In 2018, Emily earned the coveted Employee of the Year award and she plays a huge role in managing and creating some of our favorite emails, social posts, giveaways, and blog posts. Not only is she an extremely accomplished marketer and leader, but she’s also a talented artist and the creator of the Paper Mart 100 Year Anniversary Design.

We caught up with Emily and asked her to tell us a little about her background as an artist and her inspiration for the design. Check it out!

Alright Emily! As you know, we love highlighting the many talents of the Paper Mart team and I feel like we know you as being an awesome marketer, but we haven’t really gotten a chance to know you as an artist, so this is really exciting for us. I’m going to throw a couple of questions your way! Are you ready?

EC: Haha yes!

Excellent! How and when did you get started with art? What was your initial inspiration and what sorts of things do you draw inspiration from currently?

EC: My father! In order to keep my brother and I busy as kids, he would encourage us to draw. Since then, drawing just became a fun hobby to help take a break from the day to day grind. I’m definitely not a trained artist, so I just like to draw whatever makes me happy.

Anybody who can create and encapsulate a feeling so wonderfully with that creation is an artist to me. You’re an extremely talented individual and we love everything you do! We’re very happy that you’re on the team. What would you say your process was while creating our anniversary design?

EC: When thinking about the design, I really wanted to keep it simple but still showcase Paper Mart’s history and all its products. We have so many products, so it was very easy to pull our customer favorites and add them to the design. For the history aspect, it felt important to showcase how Paper Mart first started. So I included our first delivery trucks & the Frick Paper Co. building as an homage to the Paper Mart origin story. I’m honored that our team loved the design, and I hope that Paper Mart customers enjoy it too!

Paper Mart Supports Makers, Creators, & More

We’re so proud of this design as well as the creativity and art that happens behind the scenes at Paper Mart. To those closest to us, it should be no surprise that we try our very best to encourage innovation and originality. We love being a part of this community of makers and creators and will continually strive to stock our inventory to help keep the creative juices flowing. From craft essentials like crepe paper or hot glue guns to protective shipping supplies like bubble mailers or mailing tubes – we’ve got you covered.

This is the perfect season to get inspired and flex your creative muscles. What are you going to create? Stay tuned to our blog for DIY inspiration, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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