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Retail Trend: Window Display Ideas For Spring

Looking to add a little bit of color to your next window display? Today we’re bringing you colorful, spring-inspired window display inspiration with our glamorous butterfly fascinator and decorating tips. Check it out! 

mannequin wearing a gold bodice and facing to the left wearing a crown of pink, red, and yellow butterflies from Paper Mart

Why We Love Window Displays

Whether you’re looking to inspire a returning customer or you’re simply looking for ways to reach new customers, we believe that a window display can help. Window displays are ways for us to communicate our brand story to customers. For new customers, window display advertising can be the first point of contact they will have with your business. For returning clientele, a retail display is a great way to help strengthen the relationship with your business and encourage returning business. 

Bringing Some Fresh Springtime Magic To Your Window Display

If you’re looking to encapsulate the fresh feeling of springtime we can help. We’ve put together a wide selection of craft supplies and essentials just for window displays! Within our selection, we include embellishments and essentials like deco mesh, metallic wired, ribbons, and more. For our spring display, we’ve used butterfly embellishments, floral wire, and our Mannequin Madness dress form. 

Window Display Essentials We Love Using

  • Sturdy Floral Supplies | When used creatively, floral supplies can elevate your window display beyond imagination. Use floral wire to help create depth and dimension or natural colored stem tape to hide loose wire ends. 
  • Craft Embellishments | If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your next window display, consider embellishments like butterflies, birds, or feathers. They’re great because they are available in a variety of materials, textures, and patterns. 

FYI! If you’re interested in dressing up your storefront with a mannequin or you want to get inspired with more tutorials, visit Mannequin Madness and use the promo code PaperMart15 for 15% off mannequins!

window display idea, mannequin facing forward wearing a crown of pink, red, and yellow butterflies

High Fashion Meets Your Retail Display: Making The Butterfly Fascinator

Our butterfly headdress is primarily made up of assorted butterflies arranged around extra sturdy floral wire. While this may look like a complicated endeavor, the entire process was fairly simple. Here’s how we did it!

You’ll Need

Note: Butterfly embellishments come in a variety of species. We used a combination of Jamboree, Monarch, Dale, Enchanted Feather, and Burgundy butterflies for maximum color. Depending on the final look of your display, we recommend mixing and matching colors and species to coordinate with your overall look. 

How To Make A Fancy Butterfly Accessory

  1. First, you’ll need to prep and create the round base of your butterfly crown. Take your tape measure and measure the circumference of your mannequin head by wrapping it around your mannequin’s forehead. Add about 4” inches to your final measurement and cut 3 pieces of floral wire to size. 
  2. Next, braid your pieces of floral wire together to form an extra sturdy body. To form a braid using floral wire, take your loose wire strands and twist them together to help keep them in place. Next divide your loose ends into three separate strands left, right, and middle. Take the left strand and cross it over the middle, replacing its position. Take your right strand and cross it over the new middle strand. Gently pull each strand to tighten. Continue crossing and alternating strands until your braid is complete.
  3. After your floral wire braid is complete, wrap it around your mannequin head and twist the loose ends of your crown together to form a circular crown base. Use your hot glue to help seal the loose ends together.
  4. Arrange your butterfly decorations along the crown base using the attached magnet, clip on, or wire backing. We started with our larger butterflies, then arranged our smaller butterflies around them. 
  5. After your crown is fully covered, help your butterflies fly with wire extensions. Simply trim your floral wire and twist the loose ends along the base of your crown until it is firmly attached. Extend your wire upwards and attach a butterfly to the end. 
  6. Finally, to create a glamorous cascading effect, we attached several butterflies along the shoulder and bodice of our mannequin.

Retail Store Display Supplies At Paper Mart

Springtime-inspired window displays can be made from the most unexpected materials. If you’re looking for window display supplies, check out our wide variety of craft supplies here!

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  1. GBW March 4, 2021

    Brilliant Concept!! Keep up the Good Work!!

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