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Customer Spotlight: Rocco’s Cheesecake

We caught up with Los Angeles baker, Johnny Rocco of Rocco’s Cheesecake. If you haven’t heard of Rocco’s Cheesecake yet, let us give you a quick introduction. Rocco’s Cheesecake is a local favorite that creates gourmet cheesecakes and cookies. Learn more about Johnny’s story here!

A Little Bit About Rocco’s Cheesecake

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business! How did you get inspired to start?

RC: We started Rocco’s Cheesecake 22 years ago with a crazy idea and no plans in place!! It has evolved into what it is today – a community go-to place that has become known worldwide. It’s a place where people know they can always find something different from their usual bakery and they’re always greeted with a warm smile and leave feeling loved.

Do you have any favorite creations that you wanted to share with us?

For 7 years our white velvet cheesecake has been our untouchable best seller!!

Rocco’s Cheesecake & Paper Mart

5-star Trustpilot Review about Paper Mart from Rocco's Cheesecake
Recent Paper Mart TrustPilot Review by Roccos’ Cheesecake

As you know, we’re celebrating 100+ years as a family-owned business and we couldn’t have done it without your support throughout the years. What are your thoughts on the importance of shopping family owned and local?

RC: Shopping local and family owned is as paramount to us as it is with our community. Most of our product is from family owned and local businesses.

How did you hear about Paper Mart, how long have you been a customer with us, and what keeps you coming back?

RC: I believe we discovered Paper Mart over 12 years ago while looking for a good package at a reasonable price.

What are your favorite Paper Mart products and why do you love them?

RC: We currently use a variety of Paper Mart pastry boxes. We love them because they look very professional and hold up extremely well.

Shop Johnny’s Favorites

Paper Mart Supports The Dreamers

Whether you’ve just been hit with a spark of creativity or you’re stocking up your brick and mortar –  we’ve got you covered. We’re always ready to support you and your business with quality supplies and professional packaging advice. From classic boxes for cakes and pies to specialty supplies like cake boards, doilies, and dowels, we’re here for you.

These images are courtesy of Rocco’s Cheesecake. If you want to check out Johnny’s gourmet cheesecakes, follow the official Rocco’s Cheesecake social media (Instagram) and website (!

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  1. Randy Glaeser October 14, 2022

    I have known Johnny Rocco for over 12-years and he has never stopped! Johnny is one of the most energetic, personable, funny, take-care-of-business kind of gentleman. I say, gentleman, because he has a kind heart and adheres to traditional family values as well as giving his all to his friends and community.
    He has a story as we all do, and if you spend just a short time with him, he might enlighten you too.
    He has brought very much love and happiness in every morsel he makes and he does it with a huge outgoing smile!
    Randy G.

    • Gabrielle at Paper Mart October 18, 2022

      We completely agree! Our exchanges with Johnny have always been full of positive energy. Thanks for sharing Randy!

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