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Employee Spotlight: Amanda King

Today we’re celebrating our Receptionist, HR Rep, and all-around-amazing team member, Amanda King. Amanda has been a beloved member of the Paper Mart family for a little over 8 years.

Recently Amanda had earned our prestigious Circle of Excellence, Employee of the Quarter Award for her helpful nature, incredible work ethic, and dedication to Paper Mart. Get to know Amanda a little more here!

Paper Mart Circle of Excellence Earner, Amanda King

About Amanda

How long have you been a part of the Paper Mart team? 8 years.

Walk us through a typical day at Paper Mart for you! A typical day for me starts with opening up the lobby, getting the phones turned on, popping into my VP’s office to say “Good morning!” And maybe make myself a cup of coffee (if it’s a cold morning, haha!).

I begin checking emails, getting caught up on anything that may have come up during the swing/night shifts or early mornings before I get here, and I of course get to say good morning to anyone who happens to come in through the lobby doors or passes by in the hallway.

Sometimes days can get off to a crazy busy start with a ton of things happening, which I like because it tends to make the mornings go by super quick! And who doesn’t like when their day goes quickly?

Very true. I always see you up-and-about and doing the most. What are some things you do to manage your time and well-being throughout the days?

I water my plant every other day that I have had up in the lobby (going on two years!). I’m surprised I have kept it alive this long cause I do not have a green thumb when it comes to plants, haha.

Over the years I have learned that no matter how much is happening or needs to get done, to take each task one at a time and know that if it happens to not get done, there is always tomorrow. Sometimes not everything can get done in a day and sometimes it’s a team effort to get a task completed.

With being the first point of contact for our customers, suppliers, vendors, or any other visitors, I do tend to get pulled into different directions quite often in between answering the phones and working on any other projects and, sometimes have to change tasks at a moments notice and then go back to what I was working on later in the day.

I love having the ability to do different things, work on different projects each day and learn new things here at Paper Mart that help me grow and gain more knowledge about other aspects of the company. And before I leave each day I always make sure to do my closing procedures, and say good night to my Vice President and any other coworkers that are still in the office and begin my commute home.

What do you like best about working at Paper Mart? What’s your favorite Paper Mart memory?
What I like most about working at Paper Mart is my coworkers. They are what make my work day better with getting to see, talk and work side-by-side in different ways and get to know them.

One of my favorite memories here at Paper Mart is when I get to put together and participate in any of our company events that we put on. Whether it be our annual 4th of July BBQ, Employee Appreciation Day with our favorite snow cone place in attendance of course, or any event where I get to interact with everyone and get to help show how much they are appreciated.

Although I will say my top favorite memory was when we had the In-N-Out Burgers truck cater for our Employee Appreciation Day. In-N-Out Burgers is one of my all time favorite places to eat and I knew that everyone would really enjoy it because everyone had wanted us to get the In-N-Out Burgers truck for a number of years.

Before Paper Mart, what was the most unusual/interesting job you had?
The most unusual/interesting job I had was working in retail. Definitely some stories there!

What do you like to do in your free time?
Scrapbooking, cooking and baking. I love, love to bake! And I love to try new recipes that I find too!

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Definitely Mexican food 🙂

Would you rather go back in time or in the future? Why?
Hmm…right now I would like to go into the future a little bit to see how some things turn out and see how I was able to push through and grow into the person that I would become.

What were you like as a kid?
Oh goodness! At 10, I was definitely that shy little girl at school. I loved school though! After school I would make sure to do all of my homework though because once that was done I would get to watch tv or I would be up in my room with some music on, singing into my Nickelodeon slime microphone and pretend I was performing on stage.

What was the first concert you attended?
I want to say it was a Martina McBride concert with my dad when I was a little girl.

What’s your all-time favorite TV show?

What is your favorite Paper Mart product and why do you love it?
I would have to say any of our Christmas products because that is my favorite time of year.

Paper Mart Circle of Excellence Earner, Amanda King with Julia Felde, VP of HR

The Paper Mart Team

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