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Trim Your Tree In Style With Better Homes & Gardens®

When it comes to decorating our homes for the holidays – our friends from Better Homes & Gardens are known for pulling out all the stops. Join us as they share expert tips to create your own beautifully trimmed tree in the latest issue of Christmas Ideas® featuring our velvet ribbon.

Paper Mart Better Homes & Gardens Feature

Decorate A Beautiful Christmas Tree In 3 Simple Steps

We’re so happy to celebrate the season with our friends at BHG. Here, the team kindly shares a few tips and tricks for a tree-mendous Christmas tree.

Tip 1: Pick A Holiday Theme

When it comes to decorating, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Throughout the years, the stylists at BHG have focused on Christmas tree themes that range from showcasing the simple natural beauty of the tree to maximalist themes that focus on decorating with excess and drama. No matter the holiday theme or mood, we love them all. 

This year, our personal favorite theme incorporates the classic holiday colors, red and white, and adding a glittery touch!

Tip 2: Embrace Texture & Finish

To create the red, white, and glittery tree, the BHG team pulls from a range of materials and finishes to create an overall stunning effect. From illuminated glass tree toppers and textured ornaments to berry picks and (our very own!) lush velvet ribbon, this tree has it all.

Create The Look With Paper Mart

Stylist Secret: When shopping for decorative ribbons to trim your tree or create wreaths, use ribbon with wired edges. Wired edges help your fabric hold its shape so you can make large, dramatic shapes and effects easily. 

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine & Paper Mart

Better Homes & Gardens® is a go-to resource for home ideas, food and recipes for everyday and special occasions, and garden know-how that can’t be rivaled. We’re happy to provide the Better Homes & Gardens team with quality products like ribbons, gift wrap, and more!

We’re always inspired by our customers. How are you decorating for the holiday season? With our large variety of ribbons and craft supplies, we’re here to support your creativity. Stay tuned to our blog for more product features, tips for small businesses, and DIY craft videos

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