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Creating Cookie Gifts With The Latest HGTV Magazine

Ready for some design inspiration for your homemade holiday gifts? Within the most recent issue of HGTV Magazine, we flexed our creativity a little and helped create the perfect faux bois, woodland themed gift packaging with our Natural Bentwood Wine Boxes

HGTV & Paper Mart feature

Learn how to package your own faux bois beauties for the holidays today!

Easy Gift Packaging Inspired By Faux Bois

Within the most recent holiday issue of HGTV Magazine, you’ll find a variety of ways to package homemade gifts and sweet treats based on style. Our personal favorite? The Faux Bois Beauties! 

What Is Faux Bois?

If you’re asking yourself, “What is faux bois? What am I looking for with this style?” Don’t worry! We’re here to help. The term, faux bois translates to “false wood” from French. When referenced in design, the style is often attributed to the surface of a piece that has a wood grain look or texture. 

How To Create Your Own Faux Bois Gift

First, Consider Your Overall Package

When you’re making your own wood-inspired gift, consider the exterior of your piece and how you want to create a wood grain look or feel. HGTV showcased their faux bois gift through different elements of their package –  the cookies, gift box, and their gift tag.

Just a note! An popular way to create a faux bois look is by using paint. If you want to paint a wood grain texture onto the surface of your gift, look for a box or bag made with natural materials like kraft, paper board, bentwood, or canvas that will allow your paint to stick to its surface.

Next, Gather Your Supplies

Inspiration for a unique gift can come from anywhere. When it comes to packaging creatively, the possibilities are endless. In the feature, HGTV repurposes our classic bentwood wine box into a faux bois cookie holder. Once you’ve decided how you’re going to emulate wood, simply gather your supplies and put it all together.

Looking for other creative ways to use bentwood? Check out how we’ve used bentwood boxes for wrapped candies, gifts, and super cute conversation hearts

HGTV Magazine & Paper Mart

HGTV Magazine offers real-life solutions for all the things that homeowners deal with every day — from painting to pillows to property values — in an upbeat and engaging way. As a supporter of creative design, we’re happy to provide HGTV Magazine with quality products like gift boxes, specialty bags, and more

The holidays offer a great reason to get inspired and motivated to create. What are you going to making this season? With our large supply of craft supplies and packaging essentials, we’re looking forward to supporting your projects and more. Stay tuned to our blog for DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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