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Paper Mart’s Clear Tubes Featured in Martha Stewart Wedding

Paper Mart’s clear tubes can be found in Martha Stewart Wedding’s “French-Inspired Bridal Shower Ideas from Oh Happy Day.” This feature shows readers how to add a French twist to any bridal shower using bright stripes, balloons, and colorful décor. Get inspired by Oh Happy Day’s fun ideas for your next bridal shower, reception or any other special event!


Clear Tubes


Clear Tubes Makeover

Jordan Ferny, the founder of Oh Happy Day, gave our plastic clear tubes with gold caps a complete makeover by turning them into cute lipstick tube party favors. In order to make these unique favors, first cut one end of each tube at a diagonal. Next, fill it with your preferred candy. Seal the sweet treats in by taping acetate on top. To make the favor look like a lipstick tube, wrap gold washi tape in the middle of the tube and add an outer layer of cardstock in a different color. Create a beveled look by scoring the cardstock before wrapping it around the clear tube. Finally, attach a lipstick printed tag with washi tape for a finishing touch.

Our clear tubes come in a variety of sizes allowing it to be the perfect favor container for any event. These crystal clear, seamlessly formed plastic tubes are sealed with gold metal caps on each end. They can be great for displaying items that need a see-through container with a tight seal. 

It is always amazing to see how a little creativity can change a simple product into something special. This lipstick tube favor from Oh Happy Day is a perfect example of how to easily upgrade your packaging to make it memorable for all your guests!

Click here to see other French-inspired ideas at Martha Stewart Weddings. Furthermore, you can find all of Paper Mart’s event packaging, containers, and bags here. Let Paper Mart help make your bridal shower or any other special event even more memorable! 

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