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Paper Mart Co-Sponsorship: Craftcation 2017

This year Paper Mart was one of the proud sponsors of Craftcation 2017 in Ventura, California from April 27th to 30th. Dear Handmade Life hosted the event featuring food and craft workshops as well as lectures and panels on creative businesses. Craftcation is a four-day business+makers conference featuring industry professionals. This conference allows attendees to build relationships in the creative community and develop their craft and business skills. Below are a few highlights of some of the many workshops during Craftcation 2017.


Craftcation 2017

Craftcation 2017 Workshops

Throughout the conference, participants attended a variety of workshops. In one of these workshops, Thuy Le from Blossom Papers taught a class how to make paper flowers with crepe paper, stem wire, and stem wire tape. This craft is simple and perfect for any occasion (weddings, events, and home). 


Craftcation 2017


There was also an introduction to weaving class hosted by Paige Kent. Using cotton twine, this class learned how to make DIY looms as well as basic weaving techniques to create their own woven wall hangings.

Stacey Lazzara from Jade Daisy shared the art of natural perfuming. Attendees learned about the different notes of a perfume and how they mix into a blend. They were able to take home their creation in small bottles and a cotton pouch.


Craftcation 2017


Using unpolished cotton twine, Brandi Chalker from Sunshine & Succulents showed her attendees how to create modern macramé plant hangers. They had a fun lesson on how to create basic macramé knots to showcase their favorite plants!

Paper Mart is honored to have been part this special event where businesses and makers joined together to share their creativity and experiences. If you weren’t able to join this year, don’t worry! Dear Handmade Life has already announced that next year’s Craftcation will be held April 4th-8th 2018. Visit their website for more information.

However, if you are feeling crafty before then, visit for our large variety of craft and packaging supplies. Also, follow our blog for creative crafting ideas to keep you inspired throughout the year!

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