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Celebrating May Day With Martha Stewart Living

Does anybody else get giddy when they see their work featured by home and garden lifestyle queen, Martha Stewart? Needless to say, when we spied our own reusable sinamay mesh bag recognized by print publication, Martha Stewart Living, we were very excited.

Martha Stewart

Join us as we take a look at how Living uses our bags to celebrate May Day.

Seasonal Celebrations With A Martha Stewart Upgrade

This season, we find the cold winter frost melting and making way for beautiful spring florals. It’s the perfect time to make small, but instant upgrades to our every day. A great way to upgrade our life? With reusable, eco-friendly choices. Consider how the Martha Stewart team uses our bags as a stylish and modern gift bag for May Day.

Before We Go On, A Little Bit About May Day

May Day, or May 1, is the welcoming of the spring season. The holiday is typically celebrated with thoughtful gift baskets from neighbors left on doorsteps or doorknobs. These gifts are a small act of kindness among neighbors meant to spread well wishes for the spring season.

The Typical May Day Gift Basket

A gift basket would typically hold native florals like daffodils or tulips, and a small gift like food, a hand-drawn picture, or stickers.

In Living, our mesh bag is filled to the brim with a bouquet of seasonal florals, bundled with treats, and encouraged to be used as a market bag after May Day. A reusable bag as a gift bag is definitely an instant and unique upgrade to the spring tradition.

To find more ways you can instantly upgrade your life and seasonal celebrations, we encourage you to take a look at the May 2019 print issue of Martha Stewart Living.

For more eco-friendly gift and storage options, check out our vast collection of bags, baskets, and food items here.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart With Paper Mart

For years, Martha Stewart has been a driving force in providing lifestyle content that inspires, teaches, and motivates. As a supporter of all creators and makers, we’re excited and happy to support Living with quality products.

Spring is the perfect season to get inspired and motivated to create. What are you going to DIY? How are you going to put your own eco-friendly spin on it? With our large supply of craft supplies and more, we’re looking forward to supporting your projects and more. Stay tuned to our blog for DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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