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DIY Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

Our teachers taught us that with a few tools (like a little ribbon!) and a lot of creative thinking, anything is possible. This year, celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day with a small, handmade gift from the heart. Let us show you how!

teacher appreciation day

How To Make This Teacher Appreciation Day Gift

Here’s What You’ll Need To Create This Sweet & Simple Gift

teacher appreciation day

Here’s How To Put Your Gift Together

First, Paint Your Mason Jar

Using your favorite paint color, evenly cover the exterior of your jar with a single coat of paint. Once your jar has been painted, let it dry completely.

FYI: Before working with your jar, make sure it’s clean and free of any oils. A clean glass surface gives your paint a nice, smooth finish.

Next, Give Your Jar A Little Personality

teacher appreciation day

After painting your jar, take your sandpaper and give it a little personality. Using the rough, abrasive side of your sandpaper, distress the painted surface of your jar.

Finally, Finish With Flair

Once the jar was properly distressed, go ahead and repot your plant into the jar.

teacher appreciation day

After your plant has been placed in the jar, thread your ribbon through the eyelet holes of your gift tag and envelope. Finish it off with a simple and sweet bow.

teacher appreciation day
teacher appreciation day

FYI: Gift cards are a great addition to your homemade gift. Consider a small gift card to their favorite coffee shop or store.

teacher appreciation day

What was your favorite subject in school? Are you prepping teacher appreciation gifts for your favorite educator? Let us know! In the meantime, stay tuned! We’ll be making more super fun and easy DIYs all year long, so keep watching for more craft videos, tips for small businesses, and product features!

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