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Are you ready to sell your handcrafted soaps and lotions? We’ve got you covered with these need-to-know cosmetic packaging tips.


From packaging tips to labeling must-haves, we’re excited to share our personal care and cosmetic containers know how!

What To Look For In Your Cosmetic Packaging

High-Quality Design

Looking for a container to store your soap or shampoo? Consider high-quality items made from glass, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic.

In other words, look for materials that are specifically designed for cosmetics packaging and specialty personal care products. This ensures that your product is in the best possible container.

  • Glass is a trusted material for food and cosmetic packaging. Glass has the FDA status of “GRAS” or generally recognized as safe.
  • HDPE plastic is known to be a flexible plastic option. Flexible sides offer the ability to gently squeeze and spring back to their original shape.
  • PET Plastic is a strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic. It provides a strong barrier against water vapor, oils, alcohols, and UV rays.

A Smooth, Wide Label Panel

Look for a container that has a smooth, flat surface for your labels. Labels tell your customer everything they need to know about your product. From your business name and brand story, to the technical details about your makeup – your labels are important. This is why finding a container that can cater to your product and your labels is essential.

FYI: For the perfect label, don’t hesitate to customize it! Boutique gemstone soap designer, Mariel of Anjoul Bliss chooses to hot stamp her soap boxes for a sleek, professional look.

Popular Containers For Lotions, Shampoos, & Soaps

Jars & Bottles For Specialty Personal Care Products

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