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Employee Spotlight: Danielle Villarreal

Our team is amazing and we’re so proud to shine the spotlight on them! For our latest employee spotlight, we’re featuring Specialty Sales Team Member, Danielle Villarreal. Danielle has been a well-loved member of the Paper Mart family for a little over 3 years. Recently, she was recognized for her achievements and awarded our Office Employee of the Quarter Award for Q4. She is an especially talented baker with amazing taste in music. Read on to learn more about Dani here!


About Danielle

What do you do at Paper Mart? I am part of the Specialty Sales Department, I primarily work with large accounts.

How long have you worked here? I have been with Paper Mart for 3-1/2 years.

Tell us what a typical day at work for you entails. My typical day is mainly emailing and phone correspondence. I interact with our long time Paper Mart customers and any new customers that inquire about placing large volume orders.

What do you like best about working at Paper Mart? The best thing about working at Paper Mart is the close-knit, family atmosphere. Paper Mart really goes out of their way to make their employees feel appreciated.

Before Paper Mart, what was the most unusual/interesting job you had? At one point I worked as a temporary Mail Carrier for the USPS. It was very interesting delivering mail and having to run from loose dogs.

Apart from your work at Paper Mart, what are some side projects or hobbies you have outside of the office? On the side, I love to cook and bake. Baking is my thing! I bake everything from cakes to pastries. I love trying out new recipes and creating new things.

If you had to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I love all kinds of food, especially Mexican. If I had to choose, steak and lobster would be the choice.

Would you rather go back in time or in the future? Why? I would love to go back in time. I would give anything to be a teenager in the 60’s-70’s, that decade of music is my life. To see all those amazing bands in their prime would be awesome. I love The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, The Moody Blues, and the list goes on.

Describe what you were like as a child. I was a spoiled brat. I still am, haha. I was a carefree kid playing baseball with my older brothers and the neighborhood kids. Back then, playing outside and getting dirty was life.

What was the first concert you attended? My first concert – believe it or not – was *NSYNC and Britney Spears when I was about 11 or 12. They were just getting started when I saw them.

What’s your all-time favorite TV show? Its a tie between The Golden Girls and Friends.

What is your favorite Paper Mart product and why do you love it? I love our gable boxes and how functional they are. They can be used for all occasions and they are so cute.


The Paper Mart Family

Paper Mart is a 4th generation owned & operated family business. In 2020 we’re celebrating our 98th year in business and our 22nd year on the web. We pride ourselves in being the largest discount packaging supply company in the United States. Retail, Food, and Industrial Packaging items are our specialties. We currently list for sale over 26,000 items. Our goal is to sell the best for less. The Paper Mart family includes over 250 employees all working together to deliver the best products and service in the industry. We believe that each individual on our team plays an important role in making Paper Mart a great place to work and grow.

Interested in joining the Paper Mart team? Click here to visit our careers page.

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