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Joyful Wishes: Karyn’s Retirement

Since the late 1970’s, Karyn Becker has been with us through it all. From the pre-internet, catalog years to our current, larger-than-life e-commerce days, For 41 years, Karyn has been an integral part of our journey. This is why we are so happy to honor her retirement with an intimate luncheon and a few reasons why we’re going to miss her. Join us as we wish one of our own a joyful retirement!


An Intimate Luncheon To Honor Karyn

To send Karyn off in style, we hosted a luncheon complete with delicious food, the Paper Mart family, and a heartfelt speech by our president, Buffy Simoni.


Getting Personal: Describe Karyn In 3 Words

Karen has truly been through it all with us. The decades of ups, downs, and many memorable moments. To commemorate her legacy, we asked a few Paper Mart team members what they loved most about Karyn in a few words. Check it out!

Just three?! No, there are so many. Okay, how about, ‘Smart, funny, kind.’

She’s amazing, and so funny. You know, we’ve both been here for a long time and we’d joke together all the time.

So many memories. She’s also the nicest person. So kind. She’s never mean.

Joanne Stearns, Customer Care Product Specialist

Oh, easy! She’s easy to work with, knowledgeable, and on a personal level – she’s nice!

Karla Rizo-Morris, Purchasing

Amazing, caring, and oh this is hard.

There are so many words! Ok the perfect word – knowledgeable.

Norma Jauregui, Sales

Aw! There are so many! I’m trying to think of all of these wonderful words to describe her – she’s so amazing!

Okay first, Karyn is awesome. She’s also extremely helpful, friendly, oh and she’s caring. She’s so caring.

Martha Martinez, Customer Care Supervisor

Last, but most certainly not least, Paper Mart owner, Tom Frick encapsulates Karyn best: 

Karyn is a bit of the history of this company. She’s been in three different building locations with five different presidents!

I know we’re going to miss her a lot. She’s very much a part of Paper Mart. On behalf of all of the Fricks, we thank her for all those years of service.

I mean it when I say it, Karyn, she’s the ultimate!


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  1. Floranet July 26, 2019

    Fabulous! Thank You!!

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