Paper Mart Employee Appreciation Day 2021

At Paper Mart, we believe that Employee Appreciation Day is more than lunch with the team. It’s a day that allows us to encourage a vibrant and positive company culture. In honor of the hard work and dedication our incredible team displays every single day, we threw on our aprons, flexed our grill master skills, and partied.

Paper Mart Employees during employee appreciation day 2021

Nothing Says “Love” Like Tacos & Sweet Treats

There’s something special about a bouquet of freshly cut herbs, peppers, and aromatics sizzling on a grill – especially when it’s put together and cooked by your bosses. Big thanks to the Paper Mart leadership team for always taking care of us! 

FYI: If it looks like there was a lot of food, there was! After feeding each shift, we reached out to local organization, Mary’s Kitchen to help share and distribute the extra food. 

Celebrating The Paper Mart Team

Paper Mart is a 4th generation owned and operated family business. We’re celebrating 100 years and we couldn’t be more grateful to each and every one of our team members.

Paper Mart Employees and tacos during employee appreciation day 2021

Each day, our team exemplifies the positive values that define Paper Mart. It is truly a pleasure to recognize the achievements of our team and take these moments to serve them. 

If you’re interested in being a part of the Paper Mart team, visit our careers page.

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