Easy Father’s Day Packaging Idea: DIY Gift Bag

This Father’s Day, let your dad know how much you appreciate them with this special DIY gift bag and heartfelt message.

DIY Gift Bag

This embellished bag is great for new dads, experienced dads, grandfathers, uncles and more! All you need is a little creative know-how and a few common household supplies. Let us show you how to make it.

Customizing A Bag For Dad

When it comes to creating a custom gift bag, think about details that are unique to the recipient. What are dad’s favorite colors? Would they prefer plaids over stripes? Would they rather have a disposable bag or one that they could reuse? 

flat lay of a DIY Gift Bag made with paper mart products and craft supplies

Small probing questions can help you determine the overall look of your gift bag. We took a simple brown paper bag and customized it with plaid patterned tissue paper and a loving note. 

Supplies We Used:

  • Patterned Tissue Paper (We went with plaid for dad!)
  • Colored Poster Board
  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • Linen Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Your Favorite Glue
  • Printout Of Father’s Day Message
  • Your Dad’s Favorite Embellishments
  • Crinkle Cut Fill

FYI: Shop the tissue paper, poster board, and bag supplies you’ll need for this craft at PaperMart.com.

How To Personalize A Father’s Day Gift Bag: 

  1. First, trace out an apron design on your kraft bag and cut out the design using your scissors.  
  2. Using your kraft bag as a template, trace out the apron design onto your plaid tissue paper and colored paper boards.  We wanted to keep the paper bag and colored paper board’s surface visible, so our tissue paper cutout was slightly smaller than our measurements(about ¼” – ½” smaller).
  3. To make the apron have a bottom pocket, cut out a rectangle shape from your tissue paper and colored paper board, making sure the tissue paper is slightly smaller than the colored paper. 
  4. Glue your tissue paper onto your colored paper board, then glue that onto the gift bag surface. Embellish with your Father’s Day message and decorate with your dad’s favorite embellishments.  For our embellishments we cut out a spatula and meat fork with the colored paper board and glued them at the top of our apron pocket.
  5. After your embellishments have been added, add your finishing ribbon touch. Remove the twist handle from your paper bag and replace with your linen ribbon by gluing the ribbon ends to bag interior.
  6. Finally, fill with soft crinkle cut fill and your gift! 
DIY Gift Bag

Personalizing gifts with handmade touches is a great way to show that you care. This DIY can be easily adapted to fit any holiday or event. Use a party pattern tissue paper and colorful shred filler to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or customize a gift box using the same technique! With a little creativity and the right supplies, the possibilities are endless.

Wrapping something special for dad this month? Show us using our social tag #mypapermart. If you loved this DIY, keep following our blog all year long for craft ideas, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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