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Introducing The Paper Mart Rewards Program

We’re so excited to announce our free rewards program, where members can earn and redeem points on purchases as well as enjoy exclusive benefits. Check it out here!

individual sitting with their cat looking at a laptop screen depicting the new paper mart rewards dashboard

About The New Rewards Program

Here’s a peek into the features of the new Paper Mart Rewards Program.

More Ways To Earn Rewards & Points

With our new program, we’re now able to offer rewards and points for everyday actions like using the #MyPaperMart social media tag on Instagram or by simply sharing your unique referral link with a friend. The points earned from these actions can be redeemed as a coupon towards your next purchase. 

Easy Redemption Opportunities

The new Rewards Program also gives you two easy ways to redeem your earned rewards and points – either during checkout or through your Rewards Dashboard.

Intuitive Dashboard

Within your Rewards Dashboard, you will be able to seamlessly view and track your earning activity, add event reminders like your birthday to your account, redeem your coupons and rewards, and manage your referral links. As you earn and redeem, your points will be updated to reflect your activity.

From Insider To Premier: The Rewards Program Membership Levels

The Rewards Program is separated into four membership levels based on the amount purchased within a year – Insider, Elite, VIP, and Premiere. As you progress and earn, you’ll enjoy additional benefits like early access to new product launches, surprise and delight offers, and the opportunity to earn double points for rewards. Membership is valid for one year (365 days) after joining the program.

Based on spending per year$0-$149$150-$349$350-$999$1000+
Birthday Perks
Member Bonus Earnings events
Early Access to special offers or events
Early Access to new product launches
Bonus Points
Access to Loyalty Member Contests, Rewards & Giveaways
Annual Surprise and Delight Offers
2x points on all customer referrals

Are You A Current Insider Member?

If you’re a current Insider, we’ll still send your Q3 Rebate in October.

Earning & Redeeming Points

Whether you’re making a casual purchase for ribbons or washi tape or you’re stocking up on bulk mailing supplies for your business, our new program offers everyone an opportunity to earn points and rewards. Here is a quick peek at the different ways you can earn points and the rewards you can earn. 

Ways To Earn Points

  • Make A Purchase
  • Become A Rewards Member
  • Connect With @PaperMart On Instagram (Powered by AnnexCloud / ACVC)
  • Connect With @PaperMart On Twitter (Powered by AnnexCloud / ACVC)
  • Use The #MyPaperMart On Instagram
  • Subscribe To Our SMS Text Messages
  • Enter Your Birthday
  • Write A Review
  • Refer A Friend To Purchase
  • Purchase Again Within 60 Days
  • Purchase 10+ Times Per Year

Rewards You Can Earn

  • Coupons: Points earned can be applied as a coupon towards future purchases.

How You Can Become A Paper Mart Rewards Member

If you’re interested in becoming a Paper Mart Rewards member, here are a couple of ways you can join. 

Join Directly Through Paper Mart

You’re able to join our Rewards Program directly through our website. Simply visit the Rewards Program page available at the footer of our website or sign into your account and select the Rewards Dashboard icon to begin the process.

Referral Link From A Friend

If you have a referral link from a friend, feel free to click through and complete your first purchase. This action will sign you up to easily begin earning Rewards Program Points as well as earn your friend a few points! 

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