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6 Etsy Home Decor Packaging Ideas

Protect customer purchases — and avoid costly returns — with these ingenious packaging ideas for home decor such as pottery, prints, and more.

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For customers in the throes of an interior decorating project, nothing’s quite as exciting as putting the final touch on a room. And with the growing number of artisanal goods available on e-commerce sites, the options for that final flourish are multiplying by the day.

For Etsy sellers, however, the hard work begins after a purchase has been made. From porcelain and posters to wreaths and rugs, decorative statement pieces demand special attention during the packaging and shipping process — and each category comes with its particular quirks. To learn more about protecting home decor during shipment, check out our essential tips!


home decor1) Pottery and Porcelain

Inspired By: Vanilla Kiln

Packing pottery and porcelain can be tricky. You’ll need to carefully wrap handles and spouts with cushioning products such as bubble wrap and foam, secured in place with packing tape. Be careful not to go overboard, however: too many layers make it difficult to unwrap the purchase, increasing the risk that the product will get damaged. Place the purchase in a decorative box customized with your branding and logo. Next, pack additional cushioning materials inside the shipping box. Tape the box securely, and you’re all set!


Home Decor

2) Lamps

Inspired By: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

On top of being fragile, lamps won’t fit easily into standard shipping boxes, so you’ll need to get creative. First, remove the lampshade, setting aside the finial and harp — the metal “U” shaped piece that holds the shade in place — to wrap separately. Wrap the base of the lamp in foam cushioning and neatly tie up the cord to prevent it from tangling. Position the lamp upright in a box and surround it with paper, shredded fill, or similar materials. After doing the same thing for the lampshade in a separate box, you’ll be all set.



Home Decor3) Artwork and Posters

Inspired By: Ana Seixas

Rolling your posters and prints is an ideal way to protect them during transit and save on shipping costs. Lay your artwork on a flat surface, covering it with an additional layer of glassine paper for protection. You might also consider using PVC pipe to roll the piece, which will prevent crumpling during shipment. Next, wrap the artwork in kraft tissue paper for an added layer of protection, and use masking or painters tape to secure the artwork in place. Word to the wise: don’t use an elastic band to hold the roll in place. It can crease and even permanently damage the piece.


home decor4) Wreaths

Inspired By: Paper Mart Hat Boxes

Wreaths are popular at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. If you’re an Etsy seller scratching your head over how to ship your carefully crafted wreath, consider using a hat box. Wrap the wreath in a layer of tissue paper and place it in the box with a layer of bubble wrap or foam fill. Top off with additional cushioning materials for extra protection before sealing the package up.



home decor

5) Paper Collectibles and Photographs

Inspired By: CatchAdaydream

Paper collectibles and one-of-a-kind photographs call for special packaging. Because they’re lightweight and generally adhere to standard letter sizes, these items can be sent inexpensively when shipped in appropriately sized mailing envelopes. To protect it from bending in transit, be sure to sandwich the purchase between two pieces of cardboard. You can even add a layer of acid-free paper for protection. Finally, slip the item into a plastic sleeve before sealing it in its envelope.


home decor

6) Rugs

Inspired By: Rug Rag

Due to the size and sensitivity of fabric, rugs can be a challenge to pack and ship efficiently. Overall, rolling them is your best bet. First, determine the direction of the rug pile —  rolling in the direction of the pile will get you a tighter roll, which can reduce shipping costs. Lay a cotton sheet or acid-free paper on top of the rug, fold into thirds, and then roll. Tie twine around the middle and edges of your rug to secure it. Use cotton padding on the ends for an added layer of protection, slip it into a clear plastic bag, and place it inside the shipping box.

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