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[Infographic] Clamshell Containers 101

What Is A Clamshell Container?

Clamshell containers are a must-have if you are a restauranteur or do-it-yourself chef. These containers are typically used for storing meals securely and safely.

clamshell containers

Why We Love Clamshell Containers

These containers and their one-piece hinged design, the variety of sizes and styles, as well as price point,  make them a favorite among fast and slow food restaurants, bakeries and delis. A few other features to love include…

  • Side Rib Detail: Side rib detail offers an expanded, spacious surface for food items to rest upon and helps keep the container shape compact.
  • Perforated Hinged Lid: For storage purposes, the clamshell container’s one-piece hinged lid eliminates any lid confusion which improves overall operational efficiency.  For convenience purposes, the perforated detail encourages sharing of delicious food by providing a clean even cut between lid and container.
  • Secure Snap Locks: Secure snap locks ensure full container closure as well as a fun audible snap when fully closed.

Our Clamshell Containers

They’re pretty great – if we do say so ourselves. While we carry clamshell containers in a variety of materials, our most recent clamshell container addition boasts a USDA food approved PET plastic composition. It has a crystal clear surface which allows for pre-packaging with an upscale appearance and product visibility. It’s also strong, lightweight, and shatter-resistant. Check them out here!

Package your meals safely using clamshell containers. Share your restaurant packaging with us using the social tag, #mypapermart. For more creative ways to personalize your business, stay tuned to our blog for tips for small businesses, product features, DIY craft videos, and more!

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