The Paper Mart Guide to Premium Candy Packaging

Pack up your sweets in style with Paper Mart’s collection of premium candy packaging.

Candy Packaging


Whether you’re a big-time candy manufacturer, a small sweet shop, or a home baker, you need the right packaging to send your sweet treats off into the world. Packaging candy can present a unique set of challenges, so make sure you stock up on materials that will protect perishable goods and prevent leaks and messes in the event of a chocolate meltdown.

Paper Mart has over 4,000 candy packaging items, offering boxes and bags in a wide variety style, materials, and colors. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items to give you a taste of Paper Mart’s vast selection of candy packaging products.


Ballotin Candy Boxes and Foil Liners

Ballotin candy boxes with tapered sides are a classic candy packaging option. Our Ballotin candy boxes are available in a variety of colors and sizes. And don’t forget the foil liners!


View-Top Embossed Candy Boxes

Put your sweets on display with these view-top embossed candy boxes. These premium boxes have a clear top so you can view your treats at a glance (or entice hungry customers to make a purchase). They also come with divider inserts so you can mix chocolatey and fruity sweets with no fear of flavors mingling.


Hexagonal Plastic Boxes

To put your decadent treats on display, these hexagonal plastic boxes with gold bottoms are a fantastic option. Easy to assemble and large enough to house small cakes and cookies, these boxes make for beautiful party favor packaging — or a great way to safely send treats home with customers.


Polka Dot Heart Boxes

It is Valentine’s Day year around with these polka dot heart boxes. Perfect for customers purchasing sweet gifts for loved ones, these sturdy boxes come pre-assembled and lined with paper to prevent any messes.


Gable Boxes

Gable boxes, with their sturdy construction and top handle, are a favorite when it comes to candy and food packaging. Easy to assemble, the sides simply fold together to form the box. Gable boxes are a great way to take home treats after a party or event, or they can be packed with a variety of sweets in-store.


Embossed Paper Candy Boxes

An elegant way to display candies like jelly beans and mints, these windowed paper candy boxes are available in embossed silver or gold, and lock at the top with a sliding tab for safe and secure closure.


Metal Containers

Metal containers are a durable and sustainable candy packaging option, and we have a variety of styles and sizes to suit every candy need. Round tins with clear tops are perfect for displaying mid-sized sweets, while small slide-top tins are the ideal vessel for discretely storing mints.


Paper and Mesh Tiny Favor Baskets

These dainty favor baskets are an excellent packaging option for sending guests home with sweets after a springtime soiree. Available in a variety of colors, the baskets close with a pull string top, keeping your candies stylishly secure.


Wood Boxes and Colorful Gift Shred

Wood boxes are a unique and rustic way to display and package any assortment of sweet treats. We offer boxes in a range of sizes and styles, closing with cap tops, slide tops, and hinge tops. And don’t forget to pack your candies with colorful gift shred for added cushioning — and a touch of pizzazz.

With such a range of candy packaging options, you’ll be sure to find just what you need for every occasion and every customer. Talk to our customer service representatives about your candy packaging needs, and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for at the sweetest price.




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