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The Best Crinkle Paper, According To The Pros

Whether you’re filling a gift box or shipping precious items, we can all agree that cushioning is an undeniable must-have during the packaging and unboxing experience.

Flat lay image of Paper Mart cushioning shred

However, finding the best type of fill or cushioning for your needs can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we can help. Today, we’re diving into a few of our favorite (and newly launched!) crinkle cushioning styles. Take a look here!

The Crinkle Styles You Need: From Super-Wide To Decorative

As experts in the industry, we know that the smallest features can make or (literally!) break your next package. That’s why we’ve worked to get you as many options as possible to not only keep your items safe, but also provide an attractive presentation. 

New Product! Monster Crinkle™

Monster Crinkle is a super-wide crinkle shred designed for larger void fill purposes.

It boasts a hefty triple-ply strength that protects items from shock, vibration, and abrasion. It can also expand to more than 2x its packed volume size ensuring the final package is both lightweight and ultra-durable. 

Reasons To Love Monster Crinkle

  • It’s been drop tested for package performance. A drop test is a mark of quality and excellence. The entire process is meant to measure how safe your cartons are when jostled or dropped.
  • It’s also been thermal tested and found to be more than twice as effective at maintaining temperature than standard EPS foam, PET blankets, and bubble mailers. This means that it’s an excellent insulator for shipping temperature-sensitive items.
  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam fillers or bubble wrap. Monster Crinkle is made of recycled paper content and is 100% reusable, recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. 

Get your box of Monster Crinkle now:

New Product! Classic Shred

Classic Shred is a colorful, decorative fill option designed for smaller void fill needs like gift baskets and other creative displays. It features a flexible, flat body and is offered in a variety of vivid colors.

Why We’re Excited About Classic Shred

  • Great unboxing fill. Available in a variety of colors.
  • Flexible straight cut body wraps around any shape and fills hard to reach, smaller spaces.

A Note About Shipping The Classic Shred! This shred is only available to be shipped via FedEx and within the continental U.S.A. Get your box today:

Crinkle Cut ™

Crinkle cut is known as the OG of Crinkle. It’s a tried and true favorite everyday decorative fill option among many customers like Merilee of subscription gift box company, Knead and Nod. When we asked what her favorite packaging item is, she immediately said, 

“Crinkle paper, all day long! I’d love to visit the crinkle paper warehouse sometime!”

Merilee, Knead and Nod

Why Crinkle Cut Is The Fan Favorite

  • Great unboxing fill for retail product display, gift, or giveaway baskets.
  • Available in a rainbow of different colors, blends, and finishes.
  • Accordion body wraps around and cushions any shape.

Common Crinkle Questions

How Much Crinkle Shred Do You Need To Fill A Gift Box?

Excellent question that actually depends on a couple of different factors like, how big is your box? What are you putting into the box?

We tapped our expert Product Specialist Jo Anne S. to share her thoughts on the matter. 

Paper Mart Team Member Jo Anne S.

Jo Anne advises to first separate the layers of crinkle to get maximum volume. A large handful of fluffed up paper is approximately 1 oz. From that point, how much you use will depend on the box size and how full you want the box to be.

She further explains that the best way to figure out how much crinkle paper you need to fill your box is by cubic inches. To figure out cubic inches, simply multiply the lengths of the sides of your box. 

Example: Your boxes are 10”x6”x2” . You would come up with 120 cubic inches per box. 1lb of crinkle paper is about 500 cubic inches.

What’s The Difference Between Classic Shred & Crinkle Cut?

The straight edges and flat body of the Classic Shred offers a soft look that resembles a birds nest. The popular accordion design of the Crinkle Cut offers volume and bounce.

Side-by-side comparison image of Classic Shred (left) and Crinkle Cut (right)

Ultimately, both the Classic Shred and Crinkle Cut are great solutions to soft void fill. Use them to provide cushioning to giveaway baskets, subscription gift boxes, and more!

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