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How Much Does Tulle Cost?

The price of tulle can vary greatly, and as a consumer, you may not understand why. When you comparison shop, it might strike you as odd that seemingly comparable products appear to have such a wide range of prices. But when you understand the many factors that are taken into consideration when determining the cost of tulle, you’ll have a better grasp on why certain products are more or less expensive than others. Before you buy the cheapest product you can find, you need to know why it might be in your best interest to pay a little more for a superior brand of tulle.

For one thing, the price of tulle could differ based on the size. Two products may look the same, but the dimensions of the tulle on the roll or bolt could be different, so it’s important to read the specifications listed on the packaging or read the descriptor posted, if you’re shopping online. Bolts and rolls both come in multiple widths, as well as lengths of yardage. And if you decide to purchase products that have been pre-cut for you (such as circles or squares), the labor involved can definitely affect the price you’ll pay.

In addition, there are several different types and grades of tulle to choose from. You’ll notice different costs associated with finer versus coarser tulle, for example. Certain color batches, the addition of shimmer or glitter, and the inclusion of a pattern could all affect the price. And the material used to make the tulle will definitely come into play where pricing is concerned. So even if products look and feel the same, the fact that manufacturers used nylon or polyester will cause the cost to fluctuate according to the value of the material used.

However, you also need to beware of prices that seem too low. There are unscrupulous dealers out there willing to take advantage of consumers that don’t know the difference between polyester and nylon tulle, for example. So you may buy what you think is a high-quality product at bargain basement prices, when in fact it is something else entirely. And if you take the time to measure, you could find that these retailers are fudging the dimensions of their tulle as well.

While you should certainly exercise due diligence as a consumer, it’s also in your best interest to seek out reputable retailers like Paper Mart that supply tulle and the other craft, packaging, or decorative items you’re looking for. The quality of products will speak for themselves, and you can enjoy competitive pricing, as well as discounts for bulk purchases.

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