How to Make a Tulle Headband

Items you will need:

– Plain headband
– Spool of tulle, 3-6 inches in width
– Embellishments
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun


1. You may choose to use colored, textured, shimmery, metallic, or other decorative and attractive tulle products to spice up an otherwise ordinary headband, and you can begin simply enough by pulling a length of tulle from the spool – just don’t cut it yet. The width of tulle you select should coincide with the size of your headband, so if you’re just using a thin band, a smaller width is appropriate, whereas a wider headband will require more coverage, potentially necessitating a greater width of tulle.

2. To attach tulle to the headband, fold the end of the tulle over on itself about ½ inch and bunch it together. Then place a dab of hot glue on the inside of the headband at one end. Being careful not to burn yourself, press the bunched tulle onto the glue and allow it to dry.

3. Fold the loose end of the tulle over the end of the headband so that it comes to the outside. Grasp the end firmly to hold the tulle in place and begin winding it around the band, securing the glued section in the process. You can bunch the width of the tulle as you go for added fullness, texture, and coverage, or you may elect to lay it flat on the band and simply overlap as you go for coverage with a flatter, more uniform appearance. Place dots of glue on the inside of the band every inch or so, as you secure the tulle.

4. When you reach the middle of the headband, apply a line of glue on the inside and press the tulle in place. Then snip it off and trim the ends so that they are hidden underneath the headband. Moving to the other end of the headband, repeat this process so that the two pieces of tulle meet at the middle, inside section of the headband. Make sure you wind the tulle in the same direction (towards you or away from you) on both ends so that it meets in the middle with no gaps.

5. You may wear the headband as is or adorn it in a variety of ways. You can easily craft a bow or a looped pouf with tulle, or you can add ribbons, bows, feathers, faux flowers, rhinestones, butterflies, or some of the many other embellishments found at Paper Mart. Simply tie, glue, or otherwise attach them to your headband to make it extra special for your next event or for everyday usage.

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