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Creative Uses for Crepe Paper

If you like throwing parties, then you probably already know that one of the best uses for DIY crepe paper is decorating. Whether you’re planning a holiday party, a birthday bash, or a graduation party, crepe paper is an affordable option that can beautifully transform any venue.

DIY Crepe Paper Decorations

From colorful streamers to enhance the ceiling and the walls, to creative DIY crepe paper decorations that are perfect for centerpieces, there are countless things to make with crepe paper. Check out our ideas below for decoration inspiration for your next event!

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Centerpieces

If you’re looking to create the perfect DIY centerpiece for your tables, crepe paper flowers may be exactly what your venue needs. They last much longer than natural flowers and they’re great for wedding receptions, Mother’s Day tea parties, and other festive events! Since these DIY crepe paper decorations can be created in any color and design, you can make crepe flowers for any type of gathering.

Imagine red, white, and blue bouquets for the Fourth of July, green and gold spray for St. Patrick’s Day, and purple and black flowers for Halloween. Follow our flower tutorials to make your own crepe paper flowers and check out Margie Keates, who uses crepe paper from Paper Mart to make flowers for her business.

Cupcake Toppers2

If you want to take your cupcake display to the next level, get creative with DIY crepe paper decorations and try your hand at cupcake toppers.

Celebrating a specific holiday? Design some festive cupcake toppers that will put your guests in the holiday spirit! If you want to get creative for Christmas, create spruce trees by taking a two foot length of crepe paper streamer and folding it in half three times. Then, cut the fringe into the length of the strip and unroll it to lay flat. Apply dabs of glue along the side.

From there, start at the bottom of a triangular cone and roll the fringe around and up to the top. At the top, twist the paper to make a pointed tip and gently fluff the crepe paper to create the shape of the spruce tree.

You can also make flower cake toppers by cutting off a strip of colored crepe paper about 12” x 1.5” long and stitching along one side. Once you pull the thread all the way through, the strip will curl into a blossoming flower! With the simple addition of a stick stem and a pearl at the center, you can create a beautiful topper.

Crepe Paper Piñatas3

You might think that the only place a piñata belongs is at a kids party—but that’s just not true! You can bring a new level of excitement to any party with creative heart-shaped piñata decorations made with crepe paper.

A DIY heart piñata made of a plastic heart box and layers of fringed crepe paper is perfect for Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and even baby showers. After choosing the size of the heart, decide on a theme, and add colored crepe paper and candy filler to create the perfect paper crepe piñata. You can also leave out the candy for an alternatively elegant decoration.

Crepe Paper Has Plenty to Offer

If you want to keep your decorations simple, there are still plenty of things to make with crepe paper. You can buy our crepe paper by the roll and use it to create personal placemats for your guests, runners for your buffet tables, wraps for gift tables, and coasters to place underneath beverages.

Browse our extensive collection for unique decorations that fit the theme of your occasion. With Paper Mart, explore creative DIY crepe paper decorations today!

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    Decorations/ Entertainment preparations always demand for the material with beautiful bright colors, flexible for use & yet don’t load on pockets.

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