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How to Display Handmade Baskets

Handmade baskets make an incredibly beautiful décor piece for any room in your home. They can complement the style and colors of the room, while adding functionality as a storage space or organizer. By purchasing handmade baskets, you can take pride in knowing that it is an exceptionally unique accent piece that was well crafted. There are several ways you can display these exquisite baskets in your home.

Basket Ideas For Your Home

  1. Hang the baskets for decorating and storing. This is a great way to store your towels in the bathroom or store cooking utensils and fruits/vegetables in the kitchen.
  2. Place the basket in the entryway of your home with fresh flowers or acorns. Alternatively, you can hang the basket in the patio area. Your guests will appreciate the warm touch and detail that you put into your home décor.
  3. Use the basket as a place to hold your fresh fruits and veggies, or even bread.
  4. Place the baskets on shelves in your living room. You can have it just for decoration or use it to store items as well. They are great for filling up any empty spaces.
  5. Use the basket as a centerpiece for your coffee table.

As you can see there are many ways to display your baskets. Just be creative and think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to decorating with baskets.

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