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How to Package & Send Cookies in the Mail (Without Breaking!)

It’s pretty safe to say that no one has any major complaints with cookies. Cookies are an indulgent and tasty treat enjoyed year-round, especially around the holidays. Cookies are the perfect gift – they’re not inherently seasonal in nature, most people enjoy them, and there are simply countless options to bake and personalize them as a present. While cookies are a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the easiest to send to those far away. Learning how to ship cookies in such a way that they arrive at the destination in the condition you sent them in is a crucial step in assuring this is a cherished, and ultimately palatable, present. 

shipping cookies

Shipping cookies can be a bit tricky if you’re unaware of the proper ways to package and preserve these precious parcels during the shipping process. Luckily, there are numerous ways to defend your pastries from the natural movement and bumps that are inevitable when shipping items to loved ones. After exploring our helpful guide, you’ll be able to treat friends and family near and far to the gift of freshly baked and perfectly packaged cookies. 

How to Pack Cookies for Shipping 

Our main objective in packing cookies safely is making sure they arrive at the destination in one delectable piece. We’ll walk you through how to ship cookies to guarantee gift giving appreciation. The secret to success to shipping cookies is cushioning. Create a protective environment with plenty of padding to prevent cookies from flying around and bumping into each other during transit with these helpful steps. 

Step 1. Gather what you need to pack cookies safely 

The key to shipping cookies is properly preparing the materials that will help cushion and protect your baked goods. Not only do these materials help fortify your cookies from breakage, they also guarantee that your cookies are arriving at their destination fresh and just as tasty as they are when they come out of the oven. Some helpful essentials when packaging cookies include:

And don’t forget to add some personalized touches to your cookie packaging essentials list. Our cookie bags and cookie boxes are the perfect way to elevate your gift’s look and bring an extra special touch to your presentation. These allow your cookies to be properly shown off and give your loved ones a sneak peek of the tasty treats in store for them.

Step 2. Individually wrap your cookies

An easy way to give your present that extra “wow” factor is by individually wrapping cookies to display your love. Not only does this ensure cookies are individually protected, it also maintains freshness so that the cookies arrive in a pristine and tasty condition. To ensure your baked goods stay fresh longer, wrap each one in an FDA approved cello bag. For this, we suggest using self-sealing, lip and tape bags because they’re quick and easy to use.

Step 3. Place in individual cookies boxes, if desired

If you’re sending cookies it’s likely due to a special occasion that’s worth celebrating with delicious sweet treats. When wrapping your cookies, don’t be afraid to offer the recipient a peek with a little cellophane window, or a full, boutique-style lid. This is a great opportunity to grab a few decorative cookie bags and glassine bags to make sure that you’re protecting your baked goods in a way that doesn’t completely conceal the exciting gift contents. Cookie boxes are great because you can feel free to package cookies inside the box with or without additional wrapping since these boxes give you an option. The ability to see your beautiful baked goods is an easy way to showcase your present and elevate your cookie packaging.

Step 4. Place the cookies inside any larger cookie boxes

Once you’ve wrapped your cookies to be properly padded, place them inside a larger box. If you choose to send cookies in individual cookie boxes, there is no need to worry about this step, unless you want to tightly pack cookies with extra cushioning. After your cookies are individually wrapped up, take your pastry box and line the bottom with a layer of tissue paper. Then, place your cookies into your box and fill any empty space with protective crinkle cut paper. The accordion shape of crinkle cut shreds surrounds your cookies and provides a protective cushion.

Step 5. Wrap your cookie box for presentation

Now comes the fun part – decoration! This is the point where you personalize your gift in a way that your loved one will appreciate while elevating the presentation of your present at the same time. After you’ve added the desired embellishments to the box, finish by covering with wrapping paper, sealing your box with washi tape, and adding a beautiful satin ribbon. These little details can go a long way when it comes to making a positive impression on your loved ones, and with the cookies safely tucked away inside they’re bound to love the gift. 

How To Ship Cookies in the Mail

Now that we understand the best way to package delicious cookies, let’s touch on actually shipping these sweet treats. We’ll cover how to package your cookie box and mail the goods to your desired recipient, as well as best shipping practices for making sure they arrive in a timely manner. This is the final and most crucial step in sending your loved ones this delicious gift, so make sure to properly prepare with these helpful tips! 

Step 1. Line the bottom of your shipping box

First, line the bottom of your shipping carton with loose fill. This creates a comfy and cushioned layer for your holiday cookie package to rest on. Not only will loose fill provide an additional opportunity to decorate, this also provides a good base for the other packing supplies you place inside the shipping box. You can choose to go with a paper lining or consider adding bubble wrap as well. 

Step 2. Place your cookie package into the center of your shipping box, and fill empty space

Now comes the point in which you place your box full of cookies into the shipping box. Once you place the box in the center of the shipping box, fill any empty space with loose fill. When you’re filling in your empty space, your cookies are less likely to move around and knock into the walls of the box, providing an additional level of protection in tousled conditions. Packing peanuts, crinkle cut paper, and tissue paper are all great ways to fill in space within the shipping container. Make sure to position the cookie package in the direct center of the box to ensure that there is equal padding spread around the cookie container and don’t hesitate to make it a snug fit. 

Step 3. Close your box and seal with heavy duty carton packing tape

Secure packaging and taping is important in order to guarantee that the package doesn’t pop open during transit. Opting for heavy duty carton packing tape and taping all box seams down is a sure fire way to make sure the box is closed properly and won’t have any issues staying shut if the cookies end up flying around during the trip. 

Step 4. Address your package and send it off

After properly sealing your shipping box full of goodies, it’s time to head to the postal office to address your package and send it along its way. As with sending anything edible in nature, there are some unique shipment options that should be chosen to guarantee that your recipient doesn’t end up with a perfectly packaged pile of stale cookies once your gift arrives. Take measures to indicate the box is “Perishable” and mark which side is the bottom to make sure there is more care taken in handling the box. It’s never a bad idea to choose an express shipping option such as priority or overnight shipping. If you’re sending these baked goods within a time crunch, we definitely recommend going for a priority shipping option, as this will get the baked goods to the desired location within a day. 

Find the Cookie Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart

With these helpful tips for shipping cookies in a way that preserves their tasty integrity, your loved ones will be delighted with their future parcels. Knowing the best ways to safely package and ship a delicious cookie package is a fantastic way to send a caring present while personalizing the gift giving experience at the same time. 

Paper Mart has everything you need to mail and ship cookies in a safe and protected way. From decorative cookie bags to mail-friendly boxes, our robust cookie box selection and shipping materials simplifies the process of learning how to ship cookies. Explore Paper Mart’s diverse selection of packing and gifting supplies to make the next special occasion an especially delicious experience from afar.


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    I love all your useful advice. I send my grandchildren, who live in New York packages
    of cookies and cupcakes from here in L.A. and have learned a couple of your tricks for
    safe journeys. My best little trick for safe travel and an extra treat is to cushion the
    goodies with marshmallows inside the boxes they keep everything in one place are an extra treat for the kids.

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