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Shipping Macarons in 3 Easy Steps!

Aesthetically pleasing and deliciously delicate, french macarons are a beloved gift idea that are bound to be enjoyed and appreciated. They come in countless flavors, have bright and fun colors, and are the perfect dessert or tea time indulgence. While macarons are a popular sweet treat that’s typically reserved for special occasions and holidays, shipping macarons to a loved one can be a tad complicated to execute. Shipping any perishable goods can be challenging, but the already delicate nature of macarons requires even more attention to packaging and proper shipping practices.

shipping macarons

We’ll explore how to ship macarons in the best way to guarantee they arrive to the recipient in the same pristine and attractive state they were in originally. By gathering the appropriate packaging supplies and properly preparing your package of goodies, it’s easy to send a unique and surely appreciated gift of french macarons.

How to Ship French Macarons

You don’t need to worry about delicious macarons bumping and breaking during transit with our detailed guide to shipping macarons. Sending macarons by mail requires some preparation in gathering the necessary supplies for packaging and a little attention to detail. When your loved ones open their gift to find these colorful treats in immaculate condition, your efforts will all be worth it.

Step 1. Gather materials for shipping macarons

Shipping macarons won’t prove to be an easy task for those that don’t take the time to gather the necessary materials to pack macarons. The delicacy of a macaron is why we enjoy them so much, with their creamy center and flaky cookie sandwich that effortlessly takes your taste buds to Paris. Macarons are meant to be refrigerated to stay fresh and are prone to cracking if handled without care, so shipping them requires special attention to meet these needs. Gathering materials first will help macarons arrive safely and in style to make sure that this cool gift idea of macarons doesn’t turn into a crumbling mess before loved ones can even enjoy them.

Some of the suggested supplies we recommend grabbing to properly package your macarons include:

Choosing a great macaron box can literally make or break this lovely gift idea. A quality-made and sturdy macaron box is designed to protect macarons and prevent them from being squashed or the box getting dented during transit. These boxes are specially made with the delicate nature of macarons in mind, so the likelihood of a successful send-off is much higher than if you go with any regular storage container.

Step 2. Pack your macarons for shipping

When packing your macarons for shipping, the goal should be to provide as many barriers to your macarons as possible. Begin by placing a durable and sleek macaron insert inside the macaron box. Inserts are highly suggested because they help keep each macaron safe on their side and separate from one another to prevent breaking. Place macarons as desired and then make your gift extra special by decorating your macaron box with a lovely bow or personalized accent. Once the box has been prepped, tape all box openings to ensure macarons don’t pop out or move around. Place the macaron box inside a slightly larger shipping carton in the direct center. We highly suggest also adding some fillings to the carton for extra protection, which we’ll cover soon. For macarons specifically, it’s a great idea to include a few ice packs to help macarons maintain freshness during the trip. Not only will these keep macarons tasting delicious, but ice packs also provide additional padding for the journey. While ice packs are certainly not necessary, it’s a small and simple step that can make a huge difference for a loved one.

Step 3. Ship your macarons

Now that your macarons have been prepared and packaged, it’s time to finally send these yummy treats to your recipient. Since macarons are especially fragile and typically refrigerated to maintain freshness, choosing overnight or priority shipping isn’t a bad idea. This will allow less time for ice packs to thaw and will keep the macaron intact and perfectly preserved for the trip. It’s also important to take note of where you’re sending macarons before choosing a shipping method. If your loved one resides in an especially humid or rainy climate, having the proper packaging and shipping details squared away is even more crucial. Make sure the recipient is aware of a package being on the way to avoid macarons being left outside for an extensive period of time.

Other Tips for Successfully Shipping Macarons

While we’ve covered how to ship macarons in an effective and successful manner, we have a few bonus tips for shipping macarons in the best way to guarantee these treats will be appreciated and enjoyed. Explore these helpful tricks for shipping macarons to take your gift-giving skills to the next level.

Go for the “wow” factor with a macaron box

While you’re able to use any regular storage container for macarons, you can get a sleeker and more visually stunning experience for the recipient if you go with a macaron box. Not only is this a safer and sturdier option due to the customized sizing of the box, this is also a more aesthetically pleasing choice. Especially for special occasions and holidays, these macaron boxes look amazing with a bow for a pop of color or personalized accents that will make your loved ones even more excited to find the fun contents inside.

Pack as tightly as possible

While a macaron-specific box is a great way to protect macarons during shipping, it’s also important that the macaron box doesn’t slip and slide inside of the shipping carton. Without applying too much pressure on the sides of the macaron box, fill the empty spaces of the shipping box with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or additional crinkle cut paper. These will ensure that the macaron box is kept securely in place and that any bumping around won’t affect the core of the package and your macarons will be kept intact.

Find the Macaron Shipping Supplies You Need at Paper Mart

Now that you know all the best ways for shipping macarons, you’ll have nothing to worry about the next time you want to send these delicious delicacies to your loved ones. From gathering the correct materials to practicing mindfulness when choosing shipping options, shipping french macarons is a great idea if you’re willing to do just a little planning ahead of time. With these helpful shipping hacks and the tastiness of fresh macarons, you’re on your way to becoming a friends and family favorite.

Paper Mart has all the materials you need to send a beautiful arrangement of french macarons to your loved ones from afar. From our quality-made macaron boxes to our fun and decorative crinkle-cut paper, prepping for shipping macarons is simple when you trust Paper Mart. Explore Paper Mart’s extensive selection of packaging materials and send an amazing gift of macarons today!

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