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4 Ways Paper Mart Fights Office Holiday Stress

While full of fun and frolic, the holiday season does come with a few stressful moments. To help encourage a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere, we’ve come up with a few office-friendly activities. Here they are!



De-stress With Puppy Therapy Day

A great way to encourage a positive workspace is by simply introducing bundles of furry joy into the environment. According to a 2017 study conducted by the Banfield Pet Hospital, it has been found that the presence of animals throughout the workplace promotes a positive sense of well-being and boosts the morale in employees.



We contacted our friends at Therapy Dogs International to visit. Therapy Dogs International is a superb non-profit dedicated to providing comfort and companionship to those in need of emotional support.



Massage Therapy

Another wonderful way to help relax and de-stress is by bringing in a professional masseuse. Forbes reports that massage can “encourage creativity, reduce pain, and increase productivity.”

For our massage therapy day, we reached out to Orange County Wellness Physicians, a local practice who specializes in pain management and regenerative medicine.


Seasonal Turkey Hunt

A fun idea is to hold a good old-fashioned, friendly competition. For a week, the Paper Mart team were on the hunt for Tommy Turkey, the sneaky bird who left clues of his whereabouts through random office signs and emails. Team building office activities like friendly competitions encourage bonding, boost team morale, and are fun overall.


Delicious Food

One of the easiest ways to boost morale and encourage company culture is through the simple act of providing food. According to, company meals have the ability to “improve morale, productivity, and generate camaraderie.” During our busiest season, the Paper Mart team gets together and shows support for one another by providing pizza lunches, homemade pancake breakfasts, and sweet treats. We also hold an annual Thanksgiving potluck.




How is your small business celebrating the holiday season? Do you have fun office de-stressing activities that you do? Share it with us using our #mypapermart tag. We love finding fun new ways to encourage camaraderie. Did you love these de-stressing suggestions? Stay tuned for more. We’re looking forward to sharing how the Paper Mart family celebrates every occasion. From creating fun DIY craft videos, showcasing new products, and providing tips for small businesses.

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