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A Day of Giving Back: Paper Mart Volunteers at Bracken’s Kitchen

At Paper Mart, we believe in the power of community and the impact that small acts of kindness can have. Recently, our leadership team had the privilege of spending a day at Bracken’s Kitchen, an incredible organization dedicated to combating food insecurity. This experience not only allowed us to witness their inspiring work firsthand but also gave us the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and contribute to their mission of providing nutritious meals to those in need.

Paper Mart’s Day at Bracken’s Kitchen

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

As we stepped into Bracken’s Kitchen, we were greeted with a sense of purpose and an atmosphere of camaraderie. The facility was abuzz with activity, a testament to the dedication of the staff and volunteers.

Our team was taken on an insightful tour, where we gained valuable insights into the logistics of food preparation on such a large scale. It was heartening to see how meticulously organized and efficient their operations were.

Hands-On Contribution

After the tour, we were divided into teams, each tasked with specific food preparation activities. It was awe-inspiring to be part of a collective effort aimed at creating 8,000 meals!

From chopping fresh produce to assembling balanced meal packages, every task carried meaning and urgency.

Flexibility was key throughout the day. Each team member took on 2-3 different roles, ensuring that we all contributed to various aspects of the food preparation process.

It was a constant flow of activity and a true testament to the dedication and teamwork that underpin Bracken’s Kitchen’s operations!

Breaking Bread at Bracken’s

The clock struck 11, and it was time for a well-deserved break. We gathered for a team lunch and a moment of reflection and connection. The experience of working together for a common cause had already forged stronger bonds among us.


Our day at Bracken’s Kitchen was more than just a volunteering opportunity. It was a profound reminder of the impact that collective action can have on a community in need. We left with hearts full of gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose.

At Paper Mart, we’re committed to continuing our support for organizations like Bracken’s Kitchen, knowing that together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

Bracken’s Kitchen Programs

Bracken’s Kitchen reaches the community in a variety of different ways, from food and job training to food recovery. Take a peek at the programs your donations are going towards.

Recovered Food

The Bracken’s Kitchen team works directly with local food suppliers, vendors, farmers, and restaurant operators to move excess product and transform it into healthy, high-quality meals for those in need. 

BK Fact: Within 2020 alone, the Rescued Food Program diverted more than 477 thousand pounds of food from landfills and recovered food to help create 1,748,848 meals. 

The Culinary Training Program

Through hands-on participation in a live kitchen environment, The Bracken’s Kitchen Culinary Training Program helps equip students with the basic skills necessary to excel in the hospitality industry. 

BK Fact: During the past year, Bracken’s Kitchen went from producing 8,000 meals per week to over 35,000 meals per week within the span of 5 weeks.

Community Feeding

Betsy and Babs, the two Bracken’s Kitchen food trucks are a staple throughout Orange County! If you see them out and about, they’re most likely on the way to directly deliver hot and healthy meals or pantry items to those in need. 

How You Can Help Support Bracken’s Kitchen

Donate: Time, Attention, & More

Another way you can show your support for Bracken’s Kitchen is to donate to their efforts. While monetary donations are always great, we understand they may not always be feasible to make on a regular basis. 

Look through your pantry or closet! Things like quality canned items to help make nutritious meals, disposable serving supplies, or cleaning supplies are always welcome as in-kind donations. 

Rewards Member Donations

As a Paper Mart rewards member, you have the opportunity to earn points for every purchase made. Your earned points can be redeemed towards rewards like coupons for future purchases or a $10 donation towards Bracken’s Kitchen.

Simply navigate to your Rewards Dashboard and redeem your $10 Donation Reward.

Share: Virtual Events & Fundraisers

If you’re not able to give monetarily, no worries! Other ways you can help bring awareness to Bracken’s Kitchen and community feeding programs in your area are by throwing a virtual food drive, sharing their story with a friend, or by giving them a shout out on social media.

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