Women in Business: President Buffy Simoni Featured on American Express Open Forum


We are excited to share an article that is posted on the American Express Open Forum. Open Forum is hosted by American Express and is a blog for business owners. They recently posted an article titled, “18 Insights Into How Women in Business Embrace Competition.” This article highlights and quotes 18 powerful women in business and includes a quote from Paper Mart’s president, Buffy Simoni. 

This article was written in conjunction with International Women’s Day. The purpose is to be shared by an audience even after International Women’s Day has past. The goal is to inspire women in the workplace to be bold and make a change. As quoted on their site,”‘The theme for International Women’s Day this year is ‘Be Bold for Change,” says Carol Talbot, author of the YOU The Divine Genius. “It’s about being bold to create a shift and a change inside each and every one of us in these competitive times.'”


How Women in Business are Embracing Competition 

How do women in business embrace competition in the workplace? Here are Buffy Simoni’s thoughts:

“Understand your unique space in the market. The e-commerce world can be crowded. It’s vital that you have clarity on how to bring an experience that is different or better. At Paper Mart, we built our company on providing quality packaging solutions at low prices. What we do differently, and the reason our customers are so loyal, is that we also provide excellent service, which customers don’t always find online. That model of low prices and high quality service has set us apart in our industry. Finding your own magic formula is key to jumping into e-commerce successfully.” —Buffy Simoni, president of Paper Mart

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