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November Customer of the Month: M&B Creations

As we celebrate our centennial, we want to showcase the customers who have helped support us throughout the years with a Customer of the Month showcase, a series dedicated to recognizing our Paper Mart customers and their stories. 

We’re so excited to share the story of Michelle Reid, the creative mind behind M&B Creations. If you don’t know already, let us help with a quick introduction – M&B Creations is a whimsical store that provides handmade items with a lot of love. Think wreaths, centerpieces, and more! Join us as we learn more about M&B Creations – how they got started, their wreath-making essentials, and more!

Michelle Reid of M&B Creations holding an ornate wreath made with Paper Mart ribbons and embellishments

A Little Bit About M&B Creations

It’s no secret, we love a good seasonal wreath. It’s such a fun, decorative way to welcome the coming seasons and to help celebrate special occasions. Michelle, before we begin, I just wanted to say that your wreath creations are incredible. The craftsmanship is so impressive.

MBC: Aww thank you so much. It’s my passion and my therapy.

What is it like for you being a wreath maker? How did you get inspired to start? 

MBC: Oh, where to begin? I have been creative ever since I can remember. When I was 4 years old I was sick with the flu and had to stay in bed so my Mom bought me some beads and some string. I played with those beads for hours creating different things. I have been creating things ever since. I don’t think my brain ever shuts down! 

I had been creating things here and there along the way – mainly things just for myself. I really started getting serious about my crafts as a business when I made my first wreath for my sister for Christmas. She fell in love with it and seeing the smile light up on her sweet face when she saw it gave me so much joy. It’s the reason why I started my business. Well…and the fact that my sister mentioned that I could make money from it. But the real reason is to see smiles on people’s faces and know that something I created from an image in my mind brings people so much joy. That’s what it’s all about. 

Crafting is not only my therapy to escape everyday humdrums but it’s for them – the people that are looking for something handmade. Something different and unique that can set them apart from everyone else. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

Ornate wreath made with Paper Mart ribbons and embellishments

Absolutely! It’s always great to not only have a creative outlet that brings joy to yourself but to others as well. Do you have any personal favorite wreaths or moments that you wanted to share with us? 

MBC: I love creating all year but I have to say that my most favorite to create is Christmas and Halloween. Two totally opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to designs and color palettes but the themes are so much fun to design. 

My Mr. Bones wreaths for Halloween are my favorites to create and they fly out of my store like there’s no tomorrow so I guess I’m not the only one who loves them (haha!). For Christmas, my favorite wreaths to create are the glam wreaths. They have lots of jewels, sparkly ribbons, and you can’t forget the glitter.  It’s not the holidays without glitter.

ornate holiday wreath made with Paper Mart ribbons and embellishments

M&B Creations & Paper Mart

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle and shine during the holiday season? Especially when you’re celebrating extra-special occasions – like a 100th birthday! You’ve probably heard, but we’re celebrating 100 years in business this year! So I definitely want to get your thoughts on shopping family owned and local.

MBC: I know for myself, I try to shop at small businesses whenever I can. Being a small business myself, I know the importance of being supportive and getting support as well. 

Small businesses have a more personal touch to things and treat people as part of the family. A person is not just another dollar sign walking in through the door. The personal aspect is there and you get more of a variety of things to buy that you can’t get in a large chain or a superstore.

Small businesses are what helps keep this economy alive. When stores are running out of supplies, us small businesses will be here to pick up the slack that the mega-stores can’t.

Yes! We experienced that exact scenario firsthand during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic when packaging and household necessities like food containers and household supplies were hard to find in bigger chain stores. We’re happy to have been a packaging resource for our local community during such an unprecedented time. 

How did you first hear of Paper Mart? 

MBC: I found Paper Mart years ago when I was looking for gift packaging, so I have been shopping with Paper Mart for a long time.

I was googling a ribbon style that I was looking for to design a wreath and Paper Mart’s wired ribbon came up in the search. I was like “What?! They have wired ribbons now?“.

I was ecstatic! I am a ribbon fanatic. If you saw my collection you would know what I am talking about (haha!).  

I absolutely love Paper Mart’s wired ribbon and I have even bought their deco mesh as well. You carry ribbon and mesh colors that no one else has so I buy from you a lot. 

seasonal wreath made with Paper Mart ribbons and embellishments

I love it! That leads me into our next question – what are your favorite Paper Mart items? 

MBC: I mainly buy the wired ribbon. I was looking for some specific ribbon in a plum color and no one else had it but Paper Mart. Do you know how hard it is to find wired ribbon in a plum color? I was so excited when you had it. When I share my designs on social media I hear this question a lot, “Where did you get that ribbon?

That’s so good to hear because we work really hard in sourcing unique colors and patterns for every need!

MBC: Wreath designers love wired ribbon so anytime we can find another vendor like Paper Mart that carries something the big chains don’t have, it tends to be our go-to place. 

Paper Mart is my go-to place for ribbon. There’s such a wide variety of styles, colors, themes, and sizes – from the 4″ to the 1″ ribbons –  I use it all.

Shop Michelle’s Favorites

Paper Mart Supports The Makers & Crafters

Whether you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch to your holiday home décor or you’re putting together an extravagant wreath creation for a customer – we’ve got you covered. We’re always ready to support you and your business with quality supplies and professional packaging advice. From sturdy wreath forms and craft supplies to hard-to-find ribbon colors and styles, we’re here for you. 

These images are courtesy of M&B Creations. If you want to check out more of Michelle’s beautiful wreath designs, follow the official mnbcreations social media (Instagram) and check out their Etsy page!

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