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How to Package Classic Mother’s Day Gifts

Help your customers celebrate mom by packaging their Mother’s Day gifts with style and care.

Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means that Etsy sellers can expect online orders to start rolling in over the next few weeks. From jewelry and spa products to candles and bottles of wine, customers are going to be looking for ways to tell the moms, grandmas, and other matriarchal figures in their lives that they’re appreciated.

If you’re running an e-commerce operation or shipping from your brick-and-mortar store, it’s essential that you package these popular gifts appropriately; nothing ruins a thoughtful gift like a shattered bottle of wine or a crumbled bath bomb. Get your Mother’s Day sales right — and earn customer loyalty in the process — with these surefire tips to package gifts for transit, delivery, and social media-worthy unboxing.



Diamonds (or any piece of jewelry, really) are a mom’s best friend. Whether it’s a classic necklace, sparkly earrings, boho bracelets, or a matching set, colorful gift boxes make for a great presentation.

Keep delicate items from tangling by placing them in a small decorative pouch before boxing them up. Then, add a custom label to make your jewelry stand out before slipping the finished product into a padded envelope.


Handmade Artwork

Sending grandma a handmade, framed artwork from the kids or packaging a print for an art aficionado? There are special considerations that need to be taken into account when shipping prints and posters.

Unframed posters can be rolled between two layers of tissue paper and shipped in a mailing tube to prevent creases and tears. Framed artwork should be secured with bubble wrap and layers of corrugated cardboard. Don’t forget to take proper measurements of your artwork before you select packaging. This should be a priority to ensure that the artwork fits snugly inside the box.



Packaging wine can be tricky, a cracked bottle isn’t much use to anyone! Items like foam fill, cushion roll, and bubble wrap can provide bottles with protection without adding too much rigidity.

Don’t forget that presentation is key! A gift box or wine gift bag add a thoughtful touch to your package that can enhance the overall experience.

FYI: For a few cost-effective ways to package wine for shipping, check out our wine packaging post here


Beauty Products

From bath bombs to facial scrubs, beauty products present a great opportunity to add a custom, branded touch to any gift. Professionally branded packaging makes a great impression, while decorative additions like ribbon show that you care about the customer experience.

Use packaging designed to protect fragile materials. With colored tissue paper and foam cushioning, you’ll be able to keep jars in mint condition without adding too much weight to shipments.



Candles for Mother’s Day are tasteful, therapeutic, and universally loved. However, shipping them can be a bit difficult.

Keep the packaging and shipping process stress-free by using products designed to cushion fragile wax in transit.

Protect and cushion candles in a glass or tin container with an extra layer of bubble wrap. For loose candles, protect them with tissue paper to discourage melting during transit. And, with durable boxes and bubble mailers, you’ll be all set for shipping.


Baked Goods

For Etsy sellers shipping baked goods, proper packaging is essential. Prevent your items from sticking to one another with waxed food liner. while bakery boxes and candy boxes will keep your baked goods intact and crumble-free.

Once you’re ready to ship, package everything inside sturdy boxes with plenty of foam fill. For an added touch, tie on a length of baker’s twine.

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