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Top 8 Branded Packaging Experiences to Emulate in 2018

Packaging protects your product, but it can also be used to create an unforgettable branded experience for your customers.

Branded Packaging


New year, new look — if your product packaging leaves something to be desired, now is the time to turn over a new leaf. After all, packaging can be a powerful way to communicate what makes your company different and establish your unique brand personality. What’s more, thoughtful packaging demonstrates that you value the customer experience, and conveys that you’ve taken extra care to keep their purchases safe.

In the name of 2018 #inspo, we’ve compiled a list of packaging ideas from innovative brands that we love. Take a cue from these inventive brands, and get creative!


Branded Packaging1) Patterned and Custom-Made Accent Tape

Forget boring packing tape. Add some personal flair with custom-made designs, such as this bold design from RISE. Accent tape can be used on containers of any size or shape, making it the perfect versatile packaging accessory. You can get the same look with patterned washi tape or custom printed labels.


Branded Packaging2) Personalized Boxes and Bags

If customized tape isn’t enough of a personal touch, you can always print your brand’s logo or an eye-catching design on the package itself. Take Birchbox’s Limited Edition Millennial Time Capsule, for example. With customized boxes and bags, you can deliver the personal touch that customers love.


Branded Packaging

3) Fancifully Designed Boxes

Friendly reminder: no one’s forcing you to package your products in boring boxes! Surprise your customers with unexpected fun shapes and high-concept designs, such as Trunk Club’s fun adaptation of a suitcase. Whether you opt for gabled boxes, chic merchandise bags, or printed fabric pouches, your customers will appreciate the extra thought that went into their shipment.


Branded Packaging

4) Reusable, Attractive Packaging

Consumers appreciate businesses that make an effort to minimize their carbon footprint — so ship your products in eco-friendly, reusable packaging that doubles as home décor. Gear Hunter Surf’s classy watch boxes are a prime example of this fun packaging strategy. From slide tops to embossed crates, natural wood is an environmentally-conscious (not to mention sleek!) option for protecting your products that your customers can repurpose in their homes.


5) Second Chance Storage Solutions

Branded Packaging

Since we’re big fans of reducing waste and reusing packaging, we’re suggesting two more eco-friendly options for your roster: glass jars and metal tins. Perfect for food, cosmetics, and other compact items, these attractive containers can help any homeowner stay a little more organized (even if they were originally used to package Dean & Deluca caviar!). Add a custom label and you’ve got yourself an elegant, environmentally-friendly shipping solution that your customers will adore.


Branded Packaging6) Packaging Tailored to the Product

It doesn’t get much better than shipping products in packaging specifically designed for them!

As with Bellroy’s russet slim sleeve wallet, it may take a little customization to get the packaging design just right, but the end result is worth it.


Branded Packaging7) Beautiful, Branded Pillow Boxes

Give your customers a little something extra with sleek branded pillow boxes. Caralarga, a Mexican jewelry company, has elegant examples that you can’t help but love. Add washi tape and baker’s twine to your pillow box for a touch of refinement.


Branded Packaging


8) A Natural Touch

Add a rustic touch to your branding with jute or burlap. It’s a cost-effective addition that delivers a high-end look — just check out this gourmet cheese plate from Sahadi’s, packaged in a burlap bag. Whether you’re shipping soap, coffee, or cosmetics, jute bags are a great way to make your customer feel special. Bonus: these materials are another “second chance” packaging option!

Looking to recreate these looks with your own branded packaging? Stick with these four guidelines: first, packaging should be branded and attractive. Second, personalization is key. Third, eco-friendly options are important — and appreciated by conscientious consumers. Finally, keep cost in mind for the perfect marriage of high design and affordability.

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  1. Camille Devaux July 25, 2018

    That is such a good idea to add a rustic touch to the custom packaging. Making things feel like they are natural by introducing burlap materials is a great way to achieve the look. I will keep this in mind as I research custom packaging more.

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