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[Video] How To Dip Dye Plain Fabric Pouches

We’ve been spending as much time outside with fun crafts inspired by the brilliant hues of the season. Today we’re sharing how we infused our plain cotton bags with a beautiful dip dyed gradient. Learn how to create your own dip dyed fabric bag here!

A Little Bit About Dip Dye

Wondering what dip dye is? Dip dye is a popular coloring technique that illustrates the blending of one color to another (from light hues to dark hues). The final effect is a beautiful and unique gradient that looks great on fabric or clothing.

DIY Dip Dye In 4 Steps

These colorful bags are great for personalizing a kid’s craft room or for small DIY gifts you may want to send in the mail! Feel free to let your creative juices flow by mixing dye colors together or dying larger items like reusable grocery bags.

Today, we’re dip dying one of our plain muslin bags to reflect a pretty blue hued bottom.

You’ll Need

Dip Dye

Here’s How To Dip Dye Your Plain Cotton Bags

1.) First, wet fabric is known to absorb dye more evenly than dry fabric so immerse your plain cotton bag in warm water until it is fully soaked. 

2.) Next, create your vibrant fabric dye colors. Using your disposable gloves to help keep the dye from staining your hands and workspace, take your water and add it to your dye. Use your spoon to stir and fully incorporate the dye into your water.

Note: We’ve found that the more water you add into your dye, the lighter and more diluted it will become. To create soft pastel colors, dilute the dye with more water until the desired color is reached.

3.) After your dye mixture has been made – dip! Take your pre-moistened fabric bag and dip it halfway into your dye. The longer fabric is left in the dye, the darker its color will be. As you slowly pull the fabric out of its dye bath, gently move the fabric in small up and down motions to help create a smooth gradient effect.

4. ) Finally, allow your dip dyed bags to dry and enjoy! These bags are perfect for gifts and party favors.

Dip Dye

FYI: If you’re loving the different ways you can customize plain bags, check out how we elevated our muslin bag packaging here!

With just a few steps and supplies, small gifts can be packaged and personalized. Loved this packaging how-to? Keep following our blog all year long for more DIY craft videos, tips for small businesses, product features and more!

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