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Super Easy Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts Ideas

Looking to personalize your gifts this Valentine’s Day? Do it yourself with these fun Valentine’s Day Crafts. From easy Valentine’s Day kids crafts to beautiful gift box ideas for loved ones. We’ve got you covered here!

Easy Valentine’s Day Kids Crafts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, get the kids involved with quick crafts.

DIY Muslin Bags With Ribbon

Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

What You’ll Need:

Muslin bags usually come with rope handles. To get them Valentine’s Day ready, take your scissors and remove the rope handles. Then, thread your satin ribbon through the drawstring channels. Tie to finish and fill with Valentine’s Day treats!

FYI: Drawstring pouches like these are a great way to accent any holiday season. For some design inspiration, check out a few other ways we’ve styled our muslin pouches here!

Pink Toned Straw Necklace

Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

What You’ll Need:

Take your narrow ribbon and thread through each paper straw bead. Tie ends to secure and wear!

FYI: For more easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids, check out these crafts here!

Glittery Mason Jars

Dress up a plain, everyday jar for Valentine’s Day with a little bit of glitter, a lot of glue, and some creativity!

Sparkly Heart Window Jar

Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

What You’ll Need:

Use painters tape to make a heart shape and place it on the front of your mason jar. Once your heart shape is in place, completely cover your jar’s exterior with glue and while wet, sprinkle it completely with glitter. Once your jar is fully covered with glitter, remove your heart shape and let your jar dry!

FYI: With a little glue and creativity, you can customize these jars for any occasion, take a peek at a few of our other glitter jar designs here

Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Box

Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts

For a personalized Valentine’s Day gift, fill it with small, meaningful gifts like handmade candles, jewelry, cards, or a travel-sized bottle of bubbly! Here’s how you can do it.

What You’ll Need:

Take your unfinished wood box and fill it with colorful crinkle cut paper. Once your crinkle paper is in, take each of your small gifts and nestle them into the crinkle cut. Finish your gift by wrapping the outside of your box with a satin ribbon!

FYI: Gift boxes are an easy way to make a big impact during special occasions. For info on how we’ve filled gift boxes in the past, check out our DIY Gift Box post here!

Do you have a special Valentine in your life? How are you wrapping up their gift? Show us using the social tag #mypapermart. If you loved these tips and want to see more, keep reading! We’re looking forward to making more DIY craft videos, product features, and tips for small businesses.

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