Buyer’s Guide

Our Buyer’s Guide will help make your purchasing decisions much easier and will save you money!  Whether you’re looking to buy shipping and packaging products like bubble mailers or craft supplies like ribbon and burlap bags, we’ll make the buying process a breeze.

Paper Mart is proud to serve a wide audience across the United States and Canada, and we do our best to accommodate all of your crafting interests and business packaging needs alike. Our talented staff is always looking for input from our customers, so please do not hesitate to comment on our posts or interact with us on social media. We’re pleased to have such a wonderful, diverse customer base and we hope our Buyer’s Guide is helpful in making your purchasing decisions.


Where and How to Get Boxes for Shipping

Many different circumstances call for multiple shipping boxes. Perhaps you’re sending out care packages, or you need to distribute a large number of materials to a work or school group. Maybe you’ve even started your own mail order business and need packaging and shipping materials for your product. Don’t worry, finding great shipping boxes is …Continue Reading »