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How to Package the Top 7 Best-Selling Items on Etsy

Your customers fell in love with your product online, so it’s up to you to make sure it arrives on their doorsteps in mint condition. As an Etsy seller, attention to packaging and shipping one-of-a-kind products is just as important as the care that goes into making them. After all, your reputation as an online retailer can be hugely affected — positively or negatively — based on customer experiences, meaning that each and every order you send out can impact the future of your business.


From jewelry and clothing to candles and home decor, the top items on Etsy all present unique challenges to sellers who want to provide their customers with the best possible unboxing experience — not to mention avoiding unnecessary damage and costly returns. To help protect your Etsy store’s best-sellers, we’ve compiled essential tips for shipping the products that consumers love.


1. Jewelry

Package and ship your one-of-a-kind jewelry with one-of-a-kind branding to keep your customers coming back for more. Take advantage of custom packaging to make a statement with high-quality jewelry boxes, and protect your product with the right combination of add-ons and cushioning. Always exercise caution when shipping valuable items by keeping your outer packaging discreet.


2. Artwork and Prints

The key to packaging artwork is choosing the right container for your product. Unframed posters and prints should be rolled in tissue paper for additional protection before being shipped in a durable mailing tube. On the other hand, framed artwork should be secured with layers of bubble wrap and corrugated sheets cut to size, then shipped in a heavy-duty corrugated box. Be sure to measure your artwork before selecting your shipping materials to ensure a proper fit.


3. Clothing

Shipping clothing is all about presentation. Fold clothes neatly to keep wrinkles at bay, then wrap them in tissue paper and secure them with washi tape or rustic twine, depending on your brand’s style. Choose an appropriately sized package to keep your merchandise from sliding around and wrinkling in transit.


4. Candles

Candles bring peace of mind to your customers and packaging them so that they arrive in mint condition can do the same for you. Keep candles in glass or tin containers safe by cushioning them in bubble wrap. You should also wrap loose candles in tissue paper to prevent them from melting into one another should any overheat.

It’s also essential to choose the right box, as too much movement during shipping could damage the container or crack the wax. USPS recommends two inches of cushioning on each side. As a final precaution against temperature changes, consider shipping candles with frozen gel packs.


5. Beauty Products

To design the perfect packaging for your beauty products, begin by taking the time to think about your customers, your brand, and the story you want to tell. Then, create a memorable unboxing experience with boxes, bags, jars, and labels that prominently feature your brand’s logo. Add a touch of twine or ribbon for decoration (and to prevent items from accidentally opening). Play it safe with cosmetics that can easily chip, crack, or break apart by choosing packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or shredded fill to give your products all the cushioning they need.


6. Baked Goods

Make sure your customers receive their cookies — not crumbs — by picking the right packaging for your homemade baked goods. With over 500 styles and sizes to choose from, gable boxes make an attractive and sturdy container for all types of treats. Printed cello bags come in a wide variety of seasonal designs and are perfect for smaller treats like candies and fudge. For the finishing touch, use liners and food wrap to provide a pop of color that keeps your sweets tidy and intact in transit.


7. Home Decor

From pottery to rugs, home decor items demand special attention during the packaging and shipping process. We recommend focusing on three C’s: customization, cushioning, and creativity. For fragile items like pottery, porcelain, and lamps, wrap individual items separately and secure delicate areas such as handles and spouts with bubble wrap and foam. Pack additional cushioning materials inside the shipping box, and tape securely. For trickier-shaped or bulkier items, look for creative shipping solutions, like using a hat box to mail a wreath or laying acid-free paper over a rug before rolling to ensure it arrives in mint condition.


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