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Paper Mart Crepe Paper Featured on HGTV Magazine

Paper Mart’s premium colored crepe paper was recently featured in HGTV Magazine. They showcased 25 fun ways to prep for the holidays. HGTV Magazine shared lots of merry ideas such as a DIY pinata, wrapping gifts with fabric and other ways to make getting ready for the holidays even more fun!

HGTV Magazine

DIY Pineapple Gift Topper

Paper Mart was featured in their idea to decorate presents with a DIY topper. Instead of just doing a traditional bow, why not a fun and easy DIY pineapple to make your gift more memorable?

Here is what you need:
– Pinecone
– Yellow Spray Paint
Green Crepe Paper
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

To make this pineapple, start with a pinecone and spray paint it yellow. While waiting for the pinecone to dry, cut out long leaves out of green crepe paper. Next, glue all the leaves together to form a crown. Once the yellow pinecone is dry, glue the paper leaf crown to the base. Finally, attach the finished DIY pineapple to your gift with some hot glue.

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