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Paper Mart Team Celebrates Team Milestones

Recently we took the opportunity to honor the Paper Mart team members who have been with us throughout the years. From 5 years to 30 years of service, we celebrated with a delicious luncheon of commemorative awards and messages of thanks for being an integral part of the Paper Mart team throughout the years. Join us in congratulating our team!

Congratulations Martha and Mimi for celebrating 30 years at Paper Mart!

Congratulations Norma and Elva for celebrating 25 years!

Paper Mart Team Members celebrating 25 years of service
Paper Mart Team Members celebrating 20 years of service

Congratulations Raul, Erika, Debbie, Ed, and Lety (not pictured) for celebrating 20 years!

Congratulations Louis, Linda, Tomy, Yaqi, Karen, Yolanda, and Antonio (not pictured) for celebrating 15 years!

Paper Mart Team Members celebrating 15 years of service
Paper Mart Team Members celebrating 10 years of service

Congratulations Liz, Maria, Richard M., Evelyn, Lorena, Richard R., Vanessa, Eric, and John for celebrating 10 years!

Congratulations for celebrating 5 years Keith, Kenny, Mabel, Claudia, Danielle, Eileen, Patrick, Michael, Nestor, Audrey, Dipali, Bianca, Colin, Gary, Anthony, Ivan, Don, David, Jorge, and Tom. As well as a second congratulations to those not pictured, Agustin and Emily!

Paper Mart Team Members celebrating 5 years of service

Celebrating Career Milestones With A Delicious Luncheon

The intimate luncheon was held on the premises and included notable team members celebrating 5-30 years of Paper Mart service. 

What These Years Mean To Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a 4th generation owned and operated family business. With over 200 team members, we feel that every individual plays an important role in making Paper Mart a great place to work and grow. We value every single person on our team for their hard work and dedication throughout the years. 

Interested in joining the Paper Mart team? Click here to visit our careers page.

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